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James Burleigh Sample Sale 11 – 12 January 2020

James Burleigh is a London based furniture designer and manufacturer specialising in high quality tables, benches, seating and credenza cabinets.  James’s focus since launching the brand in 2002 has been to create products that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. Their signature collection uses laminate in over 100 colours and a choice of solid wood edges to create tables, benches and stools that are visually appealing, strong and durable.  They offer flexibility in terms of size, height and dimension that make their products perfect for today’s work environments, facilitating adaptable spaces that reflect the culture and ethos of each specific setting.  Despite the variety, there is a strong brand identity ensuring that whatever configuration is chosen, an integrated space results.  

Made in London: Kaymet Trays

Did you know that there are over 3,000 manufacturers in London? It came as a surprise to me that there are still so many manufacturing industries surviving and thriving in London. Kaymet is one of them. They have been hand making anodised aluminium ware in London since 1947. Their classic designs, evolved over the years, feel fresher today than ever. Evocative of midcentury glamour they have simple and timeless beauty about them. Kaymet products were first produced at a factory on Kennington Lane, near the Elephant & Castle, London and ever since then their manufacturing has always been in the same area of South East London. If you are interested to know more about what diverse enterprises can be found in London, take a look at and follow Instagram, created and curated by Kaymet’s Mark Brearley. In 2013, after a few decades of difficulties, the company reinvented itself and refreshed its’ identity. From 2018 all products are hand made at Ossory Road. The updated design are produced in a variety of striking colours and laminates.   …

Interior Designer Alison Anderson on Her Favourite British Made Brands And Local Shopping

I am very interested in British made products and it seems at the moment it’s quite an exciting area with new, small, individually crafted, artisan brands starting up and thriving. There is definitely a revived interest towards local and hand made.  I had a chat with an interior designer Alison Anderson, whose house featured in one of the recent posts, about her love for local and sustainable products and she told me about a few of her favourites:   “I’ve very much a supporter of well made British products and I’m setting up an on-line shop later this year to sell a curated selection of products for the home.  I’ve been busy meeting suppliers and discovering new makers and their amazing products, so it feels like a completely natural extension to my business. I’m on a bit of a mission to fight back against the throw away culture that’s become so ‘normal’ and I love incorporating beautiful finds in my designs that have been well made by talented craftspeople with purpose and passion. It’s easy to become …