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4 Unmissable Shops to Visit in Hastings

I can’t believe summer is over and kids are back to school. Apparently this is the hottest summer on record and somehow we managed to take the last week of August off to have our family holiday together – probably the only week when we didn’t have beach weather. But the first days of September weren’t that bad actually and in the attempt to prolong summer we went to the nearest to us seaside town – Hastings. 

Stripes and Zig Zags

One of the trends I have recently discovered and really loved is a monocrome stripy or zig-zaggy rug. If you have neglected space in your home this is one of those details that can immediately transform the room from a very ordinary and drab into a bright characterful space. The image above is one of my favourite rooms. I love everything about it, somehow the mirror on the wall works really well with the stripes. The feeling is relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. I think that’s what stripes do, they add a bit more sophistication, a bit more structure to the room so I like when they are combined with more relaxed features like a sheep skin or a floral print cushion to dilute the structure and to avoid appearing too classic. The image above is from the latest issue of Living Etc. and it’s this picture that made me want to try and incorporate a rug like that into my own bedroom. I love the bright colours with the dark background. Below …

Barker and Stonehouse Store Opens in Battersea

On 6th June a new furniture store Barker and Stonehouse opened in Battersea. The new store occupies over 25,000 sq feet of space. I have only recently found out about this retailer, but it has been in business since 1946. Judging from their online shop the selection is vast, very versatile as well catering for all tastes. Some things are not to my taste, but they sell a great variety of big names, like Ligne Roset and B&B Italia as well as design classics. For some reason I went immediately to Chairs section and it contained some of my favourite designs, such as Love Seat, Quaker chair and Butterfly chair by Ercol and Kartell Masters to name a few – all were on sale as well:       Also this mid century looking bed cought my eye. It certainly is a useful store as a single destination to explore a wide range of products. Will have to go and check it out soon.

Northlight Candle Holders

I have come across these bright candle holders by Northlight and liked their modern Scandi look. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and vast range of colours and would be great for adding fresh summery feel to a home. While on the website I also noticed these candle holders. Similar curvy modernist shapes I am attracted to, two shapes and sizes, but more subdued wood and monochrome colours.   

Holly’s House

Another nice website that I have recently discovered. Holly’s House was founded by an up-and-coming interior designer, KLC school of design graduate Holly Wick. Holly’s House is a new online shop that sells an eclectic range of furniture and home wares. She also has a retail space at 283 New Kings Road. The look of the website and selection of the products match very well the style and estethics I am particuarly into at the moment. Grey tones, many products I haven’t seen on other websites and some well thought through interior shots in the interior design section, as Holly also provides an interior design service.   I know it’s one more homeware website among others but she seems to have got all the components right so I think she is off to a good start. Here are just a couple of products that cought my eye. I do love glass bottles of all shapes, sizes and colours:    I have been searching for tiny vintage medicine bottles like these lately to use as vases for …

Flowers I Grew!

Just got back from a week’s holiday, hence no posts last week, and discovered my field of tulips all in bloom! It was a shame to pick them but then the whole idea of growing them was to have a supply of cut flowers. Feeling a sense of achievement that I actually managed to grow something myself and I do think they are really beautiful. Here is a quick photo.

Lamb’s Conduit Street

Today I had a chance to have a quick stroll along Lamb’s Conduit street, one of my favourite shopping spots in London. I don’t come here often, it’s a bit out of the way from the main shopping destinations, not far from Russel Square. But whenever I am in the area and most often it’s to take my son to nearby Corum Fields playground I make sure I have a little look around. This little street is like an oasis with not much else in the proximity and is filled with interest. Our first stop was People’s Supermarket, where they were preparing lunch of some hot dishes, salads and a selection of sandwiches which we got for our picnic, very tasty with good bread – a great store full of organic and local produce. Then I had a quick look around a few design shops. I always make sure I stop off at Darkroom. It’s incredible how much good stuff they manage to cram into a relatively small space. There is always a clear theme …


Just a few days ago I came across this photo and thought how wonderful this bed looked. It shows my favourite colour combinations, whenever I see this shade of yellow, grey and turquoisy blue I feel drawn to them and it made me want to try something more colourful rather than the usual white that I normally stick too. I also like the crinkled look this bed linen has. I wonder whether it’s just the way it looks on the photo or it does have this special texture. I did a little research and found out that this bed linen is sold in a Paris store Merci. And then yesterday I found out completely accidentally that Merci now opened an online store and offers international delivery. The bed linen comes in a wide variety of colours but I like the ones on the picture and it would be a great idea to try and mix them up like that rather than use all the same colour. I think it would look great with the grey …