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Trend Report: Autumnal Reds In Interiors

As I sit at my table writing this post I am looking out of the window onto my sunlit garden but you can tell that autumn is well and truly here now. At the back of the garden I can see my neighbours’ tree covered in beautiful bright red and orangey leaves. When my interior magazines arrived at the beginning of the month I noticed that these autumnal colours are reflected in interiors this season. Just look at the covers of Elle Decoration. 

The Bell Jar in Norwich

Last week I spent a few days in Norwich and went to check out a shop I spotted a few years ago and now had a chance to visit again. This antique shop in Upper St. Giles street is called The Bell Jar and it’s really beautiful. It specialises in restoring and selling French antiques and more. Everything from rustic furniture, ornate mirrors, tin tiles, vintage baskets to linens and traditional oil ladscapes is beautifully presented so you can’t walk past this shop without wanting to pop in and spend some time in there slowly looking for something special. I found a small rack of clothes in there – tops and dresses made of vintage French linen in beautiful smoky colours and I couldn’t resist buying one. The shop belongs to Claire Halsey who moved out of London in 2002 swapping city life for the Suffolk countryside where she renovated a Tudor manor house that together with her shop featured in the Country Living magazine. As I discovered on the shop’s Facebook page Claire also …

Amazing Pot Pourri

Pot pourri? I know, never thought I could be persuaded. Untill last weekend when I went to Abigail Ahern’s masterclass – her house is incredible, by the way, and definitely worth a visit. As soon as I walked in I noticed fragrance that was present all around the house. It wasn’t clear what it was. It was complex and pleasant. At the end of the session she opened a container with the most amazing pot pourri. It’s nothing like your usual cheap stuff – it was a mixture of natural herbs, leaves and even berries. The pot pourri is made by an Italian company Santa Maria Novella, based in Florence. If only I knew when I visited Florence in September! “The Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy is probably the oldest still-operating pharmacy in the world, and certainly the oldest in Italy. It was established in 1221, when the Dominican monks from the adjacent Basilica of Santa Maria Novella began growing herbs to make balms, salves and medicines for their infirmary. The superior quality of their products …

Upper Street Shopping Highlights

Last week I went to Upper street as I was planning to check out Abigail Ahern’s shop for a while. As expected it looks pretty spectacular and I had a good browse in there. I must admit I am not a fan of her dog lights, but this table lamp, which is a recent addition to her selection is a completely different matter and it’s very much my style. Another object that would definitely be added to my shopping list is this mirror. It’s quite big and would look great on top of the fire place. Another shop that is worth a visit if you are in the area is TwentyTwentyOne. Completely different feel – white and contemporary and full of design classics and great Scandinavian design. I am a bit torn between the two environments so in my ideal home there would be a place for both styles. And again a mirrow attracted my attention. I was admiring this design for a while on different images of interiors so it’s nice to finally find …

Side Tables and Lamps

I was browsing internet tonight in search of some inspiration and visual stimulation and I must be definitely drawn to everything that glitters at the moment because this golden side table from Rockett St. George immediately jumped out at me. Gold gives a feeling of glamour but I like how it is counteracted by angular geometric shape that keeps it from looking fussy or over the top. Dark background colour also pairs it down and works really well with gold. Earlier, when I was browsing Pinterest another golden object attracted my attention. I like this lamp in any colour but here I found it in gold. I like everything about this interior, simple but very grown up. Another image with the same lamp, beautiful setting in it own way.    

Plant Pots

Sometime ago when looking for a pot to replant my orchid I realised that it’s not that easy to find interesting or even simply tasteful planters, the usual selection in a local Homebase or a garden centre is so boring! Since then whenever I come across a picture of a pot I like or see a shop that stocks nice looking ones I make a note, and I have accumulated quite a few images in my Pinterest account. To me the simplest and one of the best solutions that would look great in any interior and you wouldn’t have to worry about matching style and colours is a plain Victorian terracota pot. I found a good selection in my local wonderful Alexandra nurseries. A huge selection is also available in a recently discovered by me Petersham Nurseries. They look great with all their imperfections and green and white mould on the surface only adds more character.    Petersham nurseries have a really good selection of pots, from basic but nevertheless very tasteful to expensive one …

Abigail Ahern’s new selection of vases

Recently read on Abigail’s blog about some new vases she just got in store. The selection looks great and I would want most of them in my home. I think I am developing a kind of obsession with vases. I just checked her website and they are actually even affordable, something I didn’t expect from her shop, somehow I was of an opinion that all her stuff is extremely expensive. I am glad I was wrong! Below are some pictures. The colours are all my favourites: ochre and pewter, aqua and cement is very cool too. Hard to choose.       Also, exciting news, that I finally decided to go ahead and book masterclass with Abigail: Designing your Dream Home. That’s something to look forward to.  

Barker and Stonehouse Store Opens in Battersea

On 6th June a new furniture store Barker and Stonehouse opened in Battersea. The new store occupies over 25,000 sq feet of space. I have only recently found out about this retailer, but it has been in business since 1946. Judging from their online shop the selection is vast, very versatile as well catering for all tastes. Some things are not to my taste, but they sell a great variety of big names, like Ligne Roset and B&B Italia as well as design classics. For some reason I went immediately to Chairs section and it contained some of my favourite designs, such as Love Seat, Quaker chair and Butterfly chair by Ercol and Kartell Masters to name a few – all were on sale as well:       Also this mid century looking bed cought my eye. It certainly is a useful store as a single destination to explore a wide range of products. Will have to go and check it out soon.

Northlight Candle Holders

I have come across these bright candle holders by Northlight and liked their modern Scandi look. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and vast range of colours and would be great for adding fresh summery feel to a home. While on the website I also noticed these candle holders. Similar curvy modernist shapes I am attracted to, two shapes and sizes, but more subdued wood and monochrome colours.   

Labour and Wait

I am sorry for dissappearing for so long, I am now relaxing in the Russian countryside, and have been without internet for a while. It seems an incredible leap of progress that internet connection is available here at all even though getting it sorted hasn’t been easy and it is annoyingly slow. I also remember my promise to post some extra images of my ceramic purchases, but since then I have discovered a lot of new products and ceramics artists that I like, so I am thinking of doing a separate post on that. But today I have decided to write about a little shop I have come across on my recent walk in Shoreditch called Labour and Wait. Located in Redchurch street the shop sells vintage inspired range of homeware.    This introduction I found on their website sums up very well what the shop is about: “We believe in a simple, honest approach to design, where quality and utility are intrinsic. From hardware to clothing we offer a selection of timeless products that celebrate …