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Tour This Contemporary Home Set In Idyllic Woodland Location Near Helsinki

This impressive contemporary new build in amazing woodland location 35 minutes from Helsinki is home to Tuuli and her family. A house in the middle of the forest with a vegetable garden next to it is a home of my childhood dreams, so when I saw this house I couldn’t resist to see and find out more. Could you tell me a few words about yourself? I am an art teacher by education, but also studied marketing at the university.  My occupation is related to marketing, but interior design has been one of my passions since the early age. I see myself as artistic and visual person. I really enjoy doing ceramics and visual arts during my spare time. Could you tell me a little bit about the house? How did you come up with its’ design?  Before this house, me and my husband had designed a few houses on paper and also had bought a plot near to our current house. We used to live in a traditional wooden house also located near to …

House Tour: Hertfordshire Home of Interior Designer Alison Anderson

I am really excited to introduce to you a very talented interior designer Alison Anderson and to show you around her beautifully refurbished Grade II listed Arts & Crafts Hertfordshire home. Alison is a relative new comer to the interior design world, having set up her own practice in the summer of this year, however, she has been immersed in interiors and home products for the past 15 years while running her own interiors PR business.  She is a very creative person and a lot of the skills she has picked up over the years turned out to be completely transferable. She felt interior design was what she was most passionate about, so she decided to take a side step into it.  After finishing her house she was becoming increasingly frustrated that she had to suddenly switch off her design instinct. She has no intention of moving from this house to complete another renovation project, so a career change was the only option. Alison designed this house for the way that they live as a family and …

Theo’s Room Makeover

Nearly three years ago we bought our three bedroom semi-detached 1930s house in a complete state of disrepair. And so the exciting project of turning an old ruin into a family home and my design dream (two things that quite often clash) began. However, because for me completing the look of each space is quite a long process I still feel that most of the rooms in my house, although going in the right direction, as not quite ready to be shown on this blog. I will start with the newest addition to the house and will save the rest for later.