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JWDA Table Lamp by MENU – The One Lamp Every Home Needs

About a year ago I set out to search for a table lamp for my bedroom. I have a sideboard along one of the walls and was fixated to place an oversized lamp there to create drama. So how did I end up with a small and minimalistic JWDA?


Inspired by traditional oil lamps, the lamp was designed by Stockholm-based designer Jonas Wagell for one of my favourite Scandinavian brands MENU.

This light does not shout “Look at me!” but it does possess timeless quality of a future classic. The simple rounded shape of an opal glass and a sturdy base made of a combination of two natural materials, be it marble, concrete or metal (mine is in brass), make it fit perfectly into any context – a bedside table, a desk, a sideboard or on bookshelves. Jonas explains his design philosophy: “I want to create products that can be used every day and become part of people’s lives.”

In practical terms, what makes it so perfect is the lamp’s quality of light. The manual dimmer on the base of the lamp can regulate the intensity of light and suit your mood and situation. When I was buying the lamp, I kind of knew it had a dimmer but didn’t test it before buying, so didn’t realise what a great feature it is. It really does create an atmosphere similar to a candle or an oil lamp. This makes it perfect for a bedroom setting or to cosy up on a sofa in the living room. That is why I think it’s a perfect lamp for any home.

You can buy JWDA table lamp here. I checked and it is on special offer at the moment on this website!



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Mid-century Modern Home Set In A Breath-Taking Location Near Woodstock, NY

Bobby Bui and his partner Gary wanted a mid-century modern home, which are quite rare on the East Coast of the United States, as flat roof homes with walls of glass are not recommended in areas where the climate can be quite cold. When this 1960-s house came on the market, Bobby was especially drawn to it as it reminded him of homes he coveted in his youth while growing up in Southern California. “It really feels like a West Coast home”. Needless to say, this home received multiple offers within the first couple of days on the market, but luck and a strong offer secured it for Bobby and Gary and they moved here in the Fall of 2016.


First of all, could you tell me a little bit about the house and what attracted you to it?

The house is located in what is considered to be the most famous small town in the United States, Woodstock, NY.   Woodstock has been an arts colony for over 100 years and is also the town affiliated with the famous music festival of 1969.  Bob Dylan and many other famous musicians had or have homes here.  It remains an arts colony attracting tourists from all over the world.


Our mid-century modern home was built in 1962 by a former sea captain.  We are the third owners.  The original house had five front entrances that opened onto a deck.  The house is situated on a hill that overlooks a lake so from the interior it can appear as if one is on a ship looking out to water.  The second owners replaced two of the doors with windows, so the front now only has three entrances.


Did you have to do a lot of work to the house? And if so, what improvements did you make?

It was in good condition, but we did have to take on several big projects that were not cosmetic (e.g. new roof, replaced the septic tank, updated the electrical box, removed about 8 truckloads of overgrown brush that surrounded the exterior of the home).  The former owners were very “Woodstocky”, so the house was quite colorful (red, green, and yellow rooms) and even had a large mermaid sculpture hanging from the ceiling.  I personally re-painted the home in more neutral and natural tones.  We also replaced several of the large windows.


Are you in any way connected to architecture or interior design by profession?

Not formally, though my partner, Gary, and I both have a love for art and design.   We spend a lot of time studying design as well as talking to designers and dealers.  We also spend a lot of time window shopping.

I am a psychologist by training and teach full-time at a local college.  I also practice clinically, part-time.  My partner is an executive at a boutique firm that focuses on beverage marketing, research and consulting.


The house is set in a beautiful location. Could you please say a few words about its’ setting?

We are on over an acre of land about 5 miles from the town center.  The home is set back up on a hill that overlooks a lake and the road.  There is also a stream that runs along the front of the property that separates the property from the road.  It is breath-taking to walk the grounds as well as driving up to the home. Even after more than three years of living here I am still in awe coming home to this house.



Your furniture and artwork are carefully selected to match the style of the house. Could you say a few words about your interior design style and how you source furniture and accessories. 

We buy from auctions houses, antique shops, second-hand shops, Craigslist and flea markets.  Whether in the States or when we travel abroad we are always looking for beautiful items to fill our homes.  We appreciate design/designers so only invest in authentic pieces whether they be original productions or authorized reproductions.  Although we are drawn to midcentury modern design, we also own and incorporate pieces from other periods/design styles.


Do you have any favourite pieces?

I would say one of our favourite pieces in our Woodstock home is the Ateljee Lounge Chair in black leather and teak wood by Yrjo Kukkapuro.  I purchased the chair off Craigslist from a rather accomplished photographer in NYC who purchased the chair himself in the 1960’s. He was just starting out in NYC and fell in love with the chair upon seeing it in a window of a shop in the West Village.  As he could not afford it, he purchased it on layaway, something we rarely hear of these days as most individuals now have credit cards.  He always cherished it and was only parting with it as a result of it being difficult to get in and out of it in his senior years.  The chair has quite a low seat.  He was happy that it was going to a home where it would be well taken care of and appreciated.  In our home, the chair is occupied most by our Norwich Terrier, Winston.  I love this chair not only for its aesthetic appearance but its history.



Instagram: @the_w_house


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Prettiest Christmas Decorations By Walther & Co

I have a confession to make – I am not that bothered about Christmas. I am feeling slightly nervous though admitting this in the midst of all the festive preparations. Don’t get me wrong, I do get a little bit excited in the run up, setting the table on Christmas day and opening presents with the kids, but after the festivities are finished, I am quite glad to put all the decorations back into their boxes, sweep up drying Christmas tree needles off the floor and return the house back to normal again. But this was until I discovered Christmas decorations, which I promise, you will want to have on display all year round!

I am talking of course about ethereal creations by Danish brand Walther & Co. The brand is a creation by Birgitte Herrig, who named the company after her grand father who travelled a lot in Indonesia and India and always brought back exciting and special objects. This has inspired her to mix Nordic traditions and Asian mystery in a both nostalgic and contemporary design.

Waltherco 8

Birgitte has always worked with different materials and techniques and seeks inspiration everywhere: during a walk in the forest, visiting a flea market or talking to interesting people. She also travels a lot – to India, Morocco and Turkey where traditional arts and crafts are still practised.

In Walther & Co’s Christmas collection natural materials in shades of grey, violet and brown create a timeless lightness. Pearls, buttons, little bells, fabrics, candlesticks and pillows invite you to mix and match all items to create your own personal style: Modern bohemian, ethnic global or classic with a modern twist.

Waltherco 2

The meticulous embroideries, prints, carvings, braidings and joinings all have a unique finish which unites centuries of traditions with modern design. Every detail in Walther & Co’s Christmas collection has passed through the hands of skilled craftsmen. The little differences from being handmade give every item personality and life.

Materials, such as transparent organza, frosted mother-of-pearl and gossamer filament mix well with rustic zinc, golden brass and delicate mouth blown glass. The materials are bent, braided and folded to form hearts, angels, stars, leaves, acorns, birds, etc.

You can buy Walther & Co decorations online here.

Or, if you want to browse the collection in person, head to Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden, which not only has a good selection of Walther & Co decorations but also is a wonderful shop to visit at any time of the year with lots of amazing gift ideas, beautiful ceramics, pots and plants.


James Burleigh Sample Sale 11 – 12 January 2020

James Burleigh is a London based furniture designer and manufacturer specialising in high quality tables, benches, seating and credenza cabinets.  James’s focus since launching the brand in 2002 has been to create products that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.

James Burleigh 2

Their signature collection uses laminate in over 100 colours and a choice of solid wood edges to create tables, benches and stools that are visually appealing, strong and durable.  They offer flexibility in terms of size, height and dimension that make their products perfect for today’s work environments, facilitating adaptable spaces that reflect the culture and ethos of each specific setting.  Despite the variety, there is a strong brand identity ensuring that whatever configuration is chosen, an integrated space results.

SALE Poster James Burleigh 11-12 January


Create Your Dream Home – Design Masterclass with Abigail Ahern

In this masterclass based in her house, Abigail shares her insider knowledge, decorating secrets and tips and tricks of the trade that will enable you to create seductively stylish places overflowing with personality. Take away oodles of inspiration, pick Abigail’s brains and discover all you need to know to create your dream home.

Abigail Ahern 2

I had the pleasure of attending this masterclass myself a few years ago and it was definitely a design highlight of the year for me. Just to visit and nose around her house was worth the money in my opinion but of course you also got a day packed with useful information, socialising with like minded people and a delicious lunch.

Abigail Ahern 3

Apart from sitting and taking notes in the classroom Abigail also took us on a tour around her house stopping in every room and explaining the principles of her design and how she customised this or another object, how she bought something at a thrift shop for next to nothing but combined with more expensive pieces it looked fabulous or how she gave a new lease of life to an old sideboard by having it spray painted at a local garage.

Masterclass itinerary included such such topics as breaking the rules, styling every room, finishing touches, decoding colour and design on a shoe string. You can check out full itinerary here.

Abigail Ahern 4

After an intense day of learning, exploring and taking in the surroundings you will have a chance to catch a lift to Abigail’s shop in Islington.

At this time of the year, just a few weeks before Christmas, I thought I’d share this with you. I personally try to get away from physical presents and more and more like the idea of gifting experiences – trips, eating out, education. Visual experiences like this one are definitely going to be welcomed and appreciated as a special and thoughtful gift that will be remembered for a long time.

Abigail Ahern 1

You can purchase the masterclass or masterclass gift card here.







Cassina First UK Exclusive Sample Sale 7 – 15 December 2019

Founded in 1927, Cassina launched industrial design in Italy during the 50s by taking a completely new approach which saw a shift from handcraftsmanship to serial production.

Cassina 637 UTRECHT GTR 01a Ph14_G_Brancato (002)

The company was pioneering in the way that it showed a striking inclination for research and innovation, combining technological skill with traditional craftsmanship. For the first time important architects and designers were involved and encouraged to envision new designs to be transformed into projects, a characteristic that still distinguishes the company.

Today Cassina continues to represent new ways of living, offering complete and harmonious settings that bring together the best of contemporary design.

From 7th to 15th December 2019,  Cassina PopUp Store on 31 Thurloe Place, London SW7 2HQ will display a vast selection of new Cassina products from previous collections at exceptional prices.

Expect finds including Cab chairs by Mario Bellini – with and without arms; LC4 Chaise Longue , LC2 and LC3 armchairs and sofas by Le Corbusier, Jeanneret and Perriand; the Feltri armchair by Gaetano Pesce; Naan dining table by Piero Lissoni, Mister Sofa by Philippe Starck and the Beam Sofa System by Patricia Urquiola all at a great value.

The store will be opened Monday to Saturday, 10-6pm and on Sundays 12-5pm.

During the same period, the Cassina showroom on Brompton Road will also offer great deals on display furniture as well as on new orders, including the newly launched suspension lamps from the Cassina Lighting Collection.

Don’t miss a unique chance to own a piece of design history, purchased at a fraction of the original price. / Instagram: @cassinaofficial








Design Trend: Portable / Cordless Lamps

In the past few years we have seen more and more portable light design appearing on the market. This is a welcome trend – cables can be hugely unattractive and the need to move a lamp around is dictated by our modern life styles. The versatility of a rechargeable portable lamp means this is a growing market. So what’s available out there right now? I have discovered some very attractive cordless lights suitable for different budgets.

Carrie Lamp, Menu


In Denmark, where winters are cold and long, creating a warm, cozy atmosphere is a way of life. There is even a Danish word for it – hygge. The idea behind the Carrie LED Lamp is to honour hygge in the context of modern living. Lightweight and portable with a USB charger, the possibilities of the lamp are endless. Use it as a bedside lamp, on an office desk or as an alternative to candles on the dining table. Carrie is also perfectly sized for picnicking in the park, festival-going or moonlit walks on the beach.

You can purchase Carrie Lamp here.

PC Portable Lamp, Hay

Pierre Charpin’s PC Portable Lamp is a refined and portable freestanding lamp for indoor and outdoor use. Constructed in robust plastic and featuring a matte scratch- and water- resistant finish, its battery-powered design gives the freedom and flexibility to move it anywhere. The light source is hidden from view by a polycarbonate diffuser, available with both downlight and ambient output options, depending on the desired use. The PC Portable Lamps are available in a variety of colour variants and are ideal for table lighting in domestic environments, as well as at cafés, restaurants and other public areas.

You can purchase PC Portable Lamp here.

Book Light, Gingko

Cordless lamp Ginko

When closed, Gingko’s Book Light masquerades as a laser-cut wooden book, but when opened it transforms into a sculptural light emitting a wonderful ambient white LED light through the pages. Inside you will find tear-proof and water-resistance soft white “pages” powered by LED lights. The beautiful, exquisite design opens to full 360 degrees with cleverly concealed magnets. The battery will take approximately 3-4 hours to charge and the battery will last about 7-8 hours on constant use.

You can purchase Gingko’s Book Light here.

Setago Table Light, &tradition

‘Seta’ – the Spanish word for mushroom – sets the tone for the diminutive, mushroom-like proportions of this quirky table lamp. But a further clue to its identity is signified by the suffix ‘go’ because this portable lamp – unburdened by an electrical cord – can literally move anywhere. Additional design features include a discreet gold dimmer and a stylish upward curve on the lamp shade’s brim 

You can purchase Setago Table Light here.

Minipipistrello, Martinelli Luce

Cordless lamp Minipipistrello

A cult design object, the Pipistrello lamp is constantly renewing itself. Thanks to LED technology, the Minipipistrello is now available in a portable, dimmable, cordless version with rechargeable battery and touch sensor. Minipipistrello is ready to go anywhere you want, for a romantic dinner, a date on the terrace, as an ideal companion for limitless living.

You can purchase Minipipistrello Lamp here.

Bolleke Wireless Lamp, Fatboy

Cordless lamp bolleke

Cordless, portable and rechargeable. Creating light wherever you like! The basic design gives all the elementary components the opportunity to flourish.For example, when illuminated, the iconic round shape resembles a pearl. Thanks to its even contours, Bolleke creates uniform light in any space. Light is equally distributed throughout the entire lamp. A technology specially designed by Fatboy. The soft rubber siliconbuttons are subtly integrated into the design. They match the colour of the loop, which was inspired by the hair elastics and sailing binder smart systems. You can tie Bolleke as easily as your hair or the sail on a yacht. With three different light settings, Bolleke stands out against any backdrop. This makes Bolleke a stylish and smart light that is at home anywhere.

You can purchase Bolleke Wireless Lamp here.

Nox Light, Alfredo Häberli

Cordless lamp Nox

Named after the Latin word for night, Nox encourages the user to move it around to embellish and brighten up a space both indoor and out. Nox is composed of four elements: a charging base, an anodised aluminium body containing the charging system, a hand-blown opaline glass diffuser, and a simple handle. Featuring a touch dimmer, Nox can provide ample light for reading but also a cosy soft light for a dinner party when dimmed. Ideal as a bedside lamp, Nox can be picked up and carried to any part of the home it is needed and with its lux materiality also makes the perfect centrepiece for a dining table.

You can purchase Nox Light here.

Follow Me Lamp, Marset

Cordless lamp follow-me-dinner1

This daring pioneer of portable lighting has become a design icon in just a few short years. Its simple, airy lines, its tilting shade and its varying light intensity have established it as a beautiful and practical lamp. Now, FollowMe takes a step further by offering an expanded collection with several colours: pink, blue, terracotta and green. The handle is still made of wood, painted in this case.

You can purchase Follow Me Lamp here.

Cestita Bateria Lamp, Santa & Cole


Cestita Batería is the new member of the Cesta family: a portable, cordless version. This version champions industrial craftsmanship, by combining functionalism and the legacy of local artisan creation. With this new version, the lamp’s features are enhanced with the help of technology. Keeping with the family’s warmth and spirit, it features an opal glass shade supported by a beautiful cherry wooden structure. It is produced manually by European craftsmen, using traditional, steam bending techniques for the wood, and glassblowing techniques for its opal shade. Cestita Batería is a lantern that creates a beautiful ambience anywhere; depicting Chinese shadows in the garden, or emanating light from any corner.

You can purchase Cestita Bateria Lamp here.

Stable House by Frama

The Stable House is one of a few preserved villas in Copenhagen. The building originally functioned as stables for the horses that carried water from the lakes, and the protected facade was created in 1878 by Georg Møller. Frama Studio has completed the residential project, where a series of stylish details included pivoting brass shutters, a terrazzo floor and a custom-made bed wrapped in solid Douglas fir. The result is a light, warm yet minimalistic feel where every detail of the custom-made furnishings and interior has been thought through.

Year: 2019
Client: Private
Location: Copenhagen
Services: Interior Architecture
Photographs: Erik Lefvander


Frama 10



Frama 11

Frama 9

Frama 8

Frama 7

Frama 6

Frama 5

Frama 4

Frama 3

Frama 2

Frama 12

Trend Alert: Seashell Inspired Designs

Organic but intricate forms of sea creatures is a great source of inspiration for home decor. Reminiscent of art deco designs today seashell motifs in furniture and accessories are as popular as ever.

Here is a selection of my favourites.


Eichholtz Sofa Messina

Eicholtz shell sofa

This elegant sofa is inspired by the sumptuous sculptural silhouettes of Art Deco armchairs.


Feather chair and bed, Anthropologie

anthropologie shell chair

This collection is a result of Anthopologie’s collaboration with a Welsh designer Bethan Gray. The award-winning designer ‘s love of detail, texture, and luxury defines her signature style. In this collaboration, she embraces both sleekly geometric and fascinatingly biomorphic silhouettes and endows them with an eclectic, yet modern touch – the result is a glamorous, head-turning collection.

Anthropologie shell bed

This Art Deco inspired shape of arm chairs and sofas is very popular at the moment and you will be able, no doubt, to find multiple variation on the theme by different brands. Although this one is called feather, to me it also looks very much like a shell. This particular chair and bed design is quite simple and stream lined not to detract from the main silhouette.

You can find similar designs by Graham&Green, Oliver Bonas and others.


Gubi shell lamp

Seashell Gubi 2

Paavo Tynell’s fanciful take on nature is gracefully echoed in the 5321 Table Lamp, designed by the Finnish designer in 1938. Under the distinctive shell-inspired brass shade, the bulb subtly appears from beneath; a picturesque detail resembling the desirable sea shell pearl and making the 5321 Table Lamp a perfect example on how Tynell brought a playful nature and romance to the simplified style of mid-century modernism.

Blending timeless aesthetic with a unique sense of form, the 5321 Table Lamp adds an exquisite character to complement any modern space. Both decorative and functional, the lamp is a balance of elegance and curiosity, providing a design that is at once subtle and surprising.


Sherlock lamp, Loaf

Loaf Sherlock lamp

A new design from Loaf on the same theme.


Ferm Living – Shell vase

Ferm Living have come up with a number of interesting shell inspired designs.

Ferm Living Shell Pot 2

Filled with your favourite flowers or by its own, this pot shaped like a nautilus shell merges natural shapes with contemporary design. With a matte outside and glazed inside, it adds delicate detail to any room, simple and sculptural all at once.



Ferm Living Shell Rug

Ferm Living Sea Shell Rug 1

In the shape of some of the most marvellous wonders and creatures of the sea (this collection includes a shell, a sea horse and a fish), these tufted rugs can either be hung on a wall or placed on the floor. Whichever way you use them, they will leave their nautical mark on the kids’ room. Tufted by hand, the varying pile height creates a dynamic expression in the thick and cute rug.

Ferm Living Shell Rug


Katie Scott wallpaper for Ferm Living

Ferm Living Shell wallpaper 1

With her usual stunning richness in detail, the British illustrator Katie Scott has created three designs of wallpaper for Ferm Living. Whether her subject has been shells, trees, or animals, the wallpapers display a breathtaking representation of both the animal and botanical kingdom.

Ferm Living Shell wallpaper


Seashell collection, Hay

Hay shell

Danish design brand Hay has created a wonderful collection of seashell inspired decorative glass dishes. They haven’t made them easy to find though. Available on a couple of European shopping websites, they cannot be delivered to the UK. I spotted them in Hay shop in Bath. They are absolutely beautiful. You can try calling the store in Bath and order one over the phone.

Hay shell 1

Hay shell 2

Los objetos decorativos sea shell ceramics

los objetos decorativos

Rosa Rubio is the brains behind Los Objetos Decorativos, the Barcelona-based studio. Her colourful ceramic shell vases and boxes have taken Instagram by storm, gaining a cult following among influencers and design lovers-alike. With Los Objetos Decorativos, Rubio has designed a collection of home décor objects, concentrating on organic forms, delicate muted tones and various materials, textures and sensations. If you’re on the hunt for original and elegant decorative pottery, the pieces from Los Objetos Decorativos are sure to take your fancy.

Octaevo Shell Vase Pink

OCtavaevo shell-vase

Octavio shell-vase

Octaevo is a Mediterranean inspired Barcelona based brand, creating refined products for the desk and home.

Made of special water-resistant paper,  this handcrafted flower vase is a tribute to the ancient and sophisticated art of ceramics. Use this eye-catching vase to adorn your desk or dining table, or as a thoughtful and original gift.


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House of Hackney Sample Sale, 30 November – 1 December 2019

House of Hackney’s Christmas sample sale is coming to the Box!

House of Hackney

Discover amazing pieces from their interiors, home accessories and fashion collections including fabric, wallpaper and cushions in a range of their incredible maximalist prints such as Mamounia, Artemis, Palmeral and many more.

Key items will include lamp shades, washbags, china crockery and kitchen accessories, plus lots of stocking fillers!


Prices will start from just £10.