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10 Of The Best Budget Friendly But High On Style Wall Lights

Wall lights are so important in creating ambient and warm atmosphere in our home and I don’t think an average home has enough of them. I have recently been looking at a lot of different wall lights while researching for our potential bathroom redesign project. In this post I decided to compile my favourite finds that meet my usual two criteria, the first one being reasonably priced. And to comply with this goal I set myself a budget of a maximum of £200. So the lights are not going to be throw away cheapest possible options but at the same time should be affordable for design conscious shoppers.

My second criteria that I always strive for is to choose objects with timeless appeal. Something you will not have to change every few seasons – this is not my ethos. I like investing in pieces I will love and will want to keep for as long as possible. Choosing existing classics and looking for potential future ones is what I am trying to do. The shortlist I created here includes a variety of styles and brands: some up and coming British makers, some design classics, some Nordic minimalist styles and more glamorous choices, but they all follow the same two principles.



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Product Of The Month: Flare Candleholder By Hay

As you might have noticed I love coloured glass, so I am really excited to discover this new candlestick designed by one of my favourite brands, Hay. Made of durable borosilicate glass these candleholders have a traditional shape that was simplified for a more contemporary look and come in three choices of colour. I can’t decide whether to go for a pink or an amber one.

Flare candleholder can be bought here.





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Staying At Home Comforts: Top Picks To Help Enjoy Your Home

In these uncertain and worrying times home has become our place of refuge and how welcoming and comfortable it is, is so much more important! How are you spending your time at home? Have you worked out a certain routine for yourself? What are your home comforts?

What I’ve been trying to teach myself recently is to focus on the now more and make the best of the situation I am in. And to be honest, to have a chance to spend more time at home is not such a bad prospect.

I generally love pottering around the house and working in the garden (I am very grateful I have got one though, and I know not everyone has this luxury right now. It has never been used as much as in the last couple of weeks), so this is not a difficult task. But like never before certain simple home comforts can make a huge difference on your quality of life. Below are a few ideas I have come up with to help brighten my days and maybe yours too.

House plants

One of the most important things in my home environment that can instantly have a calming effect is seeing some greenery around. Particularly at this time of year, when the changes in nature happen so quickly and you can see more and more leaves and buds opening up almost overnight, I like keeping curtains and blinds open to let in more light and pastel green colours of the fresh spring foliage. I feel it creates more space and air in the room.

For the plants inside the house I personally love Ferm Living plant boxes for their understated simplicity that at the same time add a lot of interest due to a multitude of beautiful dusky colours and contemporary shapes.

One of my favourite ones and the one I’ve been after for a while is a large one on a stand. But the smaller windowsill box is also a great way to display herbs or seedlings in a neat way, which is what I am thinking of doing with my young tomato plants.

Set up a home office 

Staying Home Anglepoise

Home workspace has become essential overnight and I have a feeling flexible working and work from home is here to stay and become more popular even after the lockdown is over, which would be a very welcome thing for many, certainly for me.

One necessity for every desk which can also add style to your work space is a desk lamp. Although there are many options I really like, in my opinion nothing can beat a classic which is Anglepoise, especially as now they come in such a large variety of models and colours. How about Edition Four – the latest lighting collaboration British designer Paul Smith?

A cosy throw

This lightweight waffle throw by Anthropology is perfect for the coming warmer months and the colour will go with pretty much any decor.

Staying Home Anthropology throw

Something for the kids

One of the online retailers that I love to visit when shopping for the kids is They sell the most adorable brands that make me feel like a little child myself, such as Meri Meri and Numero 74.

Garbo&friends is another new favourite I discovered on Smallable – a distinctly Scandinavian brand that makes luxurious linen and high-quality baby care products. I have been eyeing this whimsically patterned blanket for a while and it looks like a wonderful addition to a child’s room to make them feel cosy and comforted at bedtime.

Something for leisurely family dinners

Speaking to my friends it became apparent that one activity people are indulging the most while staying at home all day is cooking – trying out new recipes, taking online cookery classes, baking with kids, trying to make your own sourdough starter (that’s me).

I love this serving platter that was handcrafted by artisan makers in South Africa.  Exclusive to The Conran Shop it was created in collaboration with artisan tableware brand Prêt-à-Pot. I am thinking it will be a great addition to a family dinner table.

Staying at home Conran Shop

In the garden

The weather has been amazing recently, which makes it so much more bearable being housebound for those with a garden. Hopefully as time goes by evenings will be getting warmer too. One of my favourite items to have around the house but also very useful in the garden is a cordless lamp (See my recent post with an extensive range of cordless lamps currently available on the market link to my post about cordless lamps).

There are so many great designs but this one attracted my attention because of its’ more than reasonable price.

Designed by Ionna Vautrin, the Clover light is very contemporary and can be suspended everywhere. It can be recharged (2h) through its USB port. Then, it works independently for 5 to 7 hours.

Something to cheer you up

In this time of economic uncertainty being prudent with your money is a clever thing to do. I have also started to realise that there aren’t that many things that we actually need, we can get by on a lot less. But sometimes, especially in difficult or stressful circumstances we just need something to cheer us up and make us feel a bit better. In this situation I think I would make an exception for one item that I have on my wish list.

For me one of the latest discoveries  was the work of illustrator and ceramicist Laura Carlin on Look at these tiles that she has painted!

Staying at home LAura Carlin 2Staying at home laura-carlin_commuting_1

A contemporary take on iconic Delftware, the tiles are illustrated with scenes of everyday London in the traditional ‘Delft blue’ colour way, and combine Laura’s typical balance of naivety and emotional astuteness. The illustrations have been hand-painted and then digitally printed onto white ceramic tiles, from the proud supplier of tiles to many of the London Underground stations.

A good book

I hope that even if you have small children in the house, you still get a moment to indulge in a bit of reading. One of the simple tips I discovered and started applying recently with great success is to read about 10 pages every morning before you even reach for your mobile phone. In this way you will read at least a book a month!

A book by Michelle Ogundehin, Happy Inside: How to harness the power of home for health and happiness, is on my reading list. It is coming out later this month. Happy Inside, her first book, shares her philosophy on the link between home and wellbeing, the confluence of 20 years of editing interiors magazines, her early training as an architect, and her personal study of colour psychology, meditation and mindfulness.

Staying at home Happy Inside

The book focuses on these simple steps to wellbeing and happiness:

  • Understand the importance of play
  • Find balance by creating the perfect palette
  • Discover the fast track to great sleep
  • Curate and contain your belongings in pursuit of calm
  • Understand that home is not a place, but a feeling


So this is my top eight items for more comfortable and comforting lockdown time. Please do share your ideas and essentials that brighten up your days at home, I will be very interested to know.

Stay safe everyone!


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Corner House In Peckham – A New Build Development With A Wow Factor

Corner House in Peckham is a new build development with a difference. Sara Mungeam is not interested, like so many other developers, in producing bland properties with no character, designed to appeal to everyone and no one in particular, with the only view of making profit as quickly as possible.


For Sara property development is her passion. She is obsessed with interiors, constantly scouring for inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest, in magazines and even commercial spaces like restaurants.


She first got into property development in 2013 when she renovated her first project together with a friend. Not being a trained interior designer she learned a lot from her first experience. She worked on several big projects since then, each taking at least 2 years and each increasing in floor space. Her previous two projects were conversions. The latest project – Corner House in Peckham is a new build.


When working on her projects Sara is always looking to create wow factor. At the time when she was starting most developers were men producing developments with bog standard bland finishes and she felt there was scope for interesting design features.


Corner house is a really architectural built with birch ply wall panelling, tongue and groove, micro concrete cement in the shower and an abundance of Scandinavian brands. Attention is given to every single little thing up to light switches.


Sara believes in spending where it matters. For example, in one of the projects, instead of Velux windows she decided to use a large pane of glass. It was a few more thousands overall, but in the end she made her money back.


Sara knows well where to splash out but also where to save: white sanitary wear, cheap baths and budget basins will do just as good a job and great looking taps can be found in places like Victoria Plum. Among her favourites are also Lusso Stone and Dowsing and Reynolds.

Tiles from places like Mandarin Stone and metro tiles (but longer, thinner ones, which she likes buying from Porcelain Superstore), as well as clever use of paint will help create something special.



For kitchen units she chooses to use Howdens, Ikea or B&Q carcasses that are just as long lasting as more expensive brands and then gets builders to create bespoke fronts that she teams up with really good quality splash backs. Same goes for fitted wardrobes – she uses bespoke fronts with Ikea Pax carcasses. Nowadays there are also quite a few companies that specialise in fronts for Ikea furniture, such as Superfront, Plykea, Naked Kitchens.


Among some of her “go to” brands are also Muuto, Normann Copenhagen, House Doctor, Dyke and Dean and Spark and Bell for good quality affordable lighting.

When asked where she would choose to spend rather than save, she recommends always choosing decent wooden flooring (like an outfit – shoes can set off an outfit and it’s important to get that right). Tiles  don’t necessarily have to cost the earth, but it’s important to spend time to get samples and choose right and know how to mix cheap and more expensive ones.


In search of good deals Sara also makes sure to spend time trawling through websites and visiting sample sales.

To see more beautiful images of the Corner House and for her future projects, follow Sara’s Instagram account: @houseobsessed.

Featured image by @bendandersphotographer.


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Copenhagen Home Of Pottery Lovers Filled With Design Classics

Today I invite you on a photographic tour of this bright and airy Copenhagen home that belongs to Tina, who expertly combines passion for contemporary Nordic design with her love of pottery.


The liveability, effortless comfort and cosiness together with high aesthetic value is what I think makes Scandinavian style so attractive. Tina’s home is a wonderful example of this.

What I particularly love about this home is abundant but considerate use of design classics, ceramics in simple earthy tones grouped together for best impact (I particularly like window sill displays as I often wonder how to make window sills more interesting), moroccan rugs on the floor – goes perfectly with Nordic style and of course paired down colour scheme.














Instagram: @tina.cph

Get the look


From top clockwise:  Lyngby Vase, Lyngby Porcelæn | PH 3/2 table lamp, Louis Poulsen | CH24 Wishbone Chair, Carl Hansen & Søn | PH 5 Classic Pendant, Louis Poulsen | CH25 Low Armchair, Carl Hansen & Søn | J83 stool, Fdb møbler | AJ Floor lamp, Louis Poulsen


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How To Fill Your Walls With Art On A Budget (Without It Looking Cheap)

Original art costs money but there are multiple ways we can adorn our walls with things we love on a much smaller budget, and they don’t include buying a canvas with a flower or a sunset on it at your local department store. Today I decided to put together all my favourite and most interesting tips to fill your walls with art without compromising on quality and style.

Tip 1: Museum shops for prints and posters

Whenever I go to a museum I love spending time and browsing in a museum shop. Most of them have a wonderfully curated selection of books, home decor items and artwork, such as posters and prints. My favourite shops include Tate Modern, V&A, Design museum. Many museums, such as National Portrait gallery and V&A also have a Print on Demand service where you can choose from an extensive database of artwork and print to the size you need. A good thing is Museum shop always reflects its’ exhibits collection, so you can easily choose the ones that are closer to your interests and style and you get a shop tailored to your tastes.


Limited Edition Print at National Portrait Gallery

Tip 2: Postcards

Similarly, museums are a great source here. I always end up buying my favourite images and display them around the house. You can even frame them. But I like positioning on book shelves, mantelpieces or attaching them to a pin board. It’s a very easy and really cheap way to add character and personality to your space and reveal it to others. I also found that small boutiques are a good place to find random interesting postcards that they sometimes create to market their collections.


The wooden postcard company (as the name suggests!) make postcards out of wood. They have beautiful designs and are too good to be just postcards.




Wooden post cards in my daughter’s room

Tip 3: Buy art on your travels

Whenever we are on holidays somewhere I love looking out for small, individual, artisan shops. You can usually come across local artists that sell their work at much more affordable prices than what you would find in London. My latest favourite finds were a print I bought in small art shop in Venice for 80 euro and a print I bought in Lyme Regis for £19, where I discovered Molesworth & Bird pressed seaweed art prints. This takes me to my next tip.



Tip 4: Favourite photos

As we carry around camera with us all the time and have multiple editing tools available to us, it is now easier than ever to fill your walls with your own photos. Most recently I took loads of photos on our trip to Venice and a picturesque town of Burano. Photos of architecture look particularly good as part of an art wall. Or why not blow it up to a huge size and make a centre piece out of it? Just steer clear of a wall of selfies or babies on canvases. Your friends won’t be able to tell that they are amateur photos and personal connection will provide an opportunity to have engaging conversations about your travels.


My photos of Venice

Tip 5: More than just art

Plates, masks, vases, candles can be an original and a much cheaper way to decorate your walls. Take a look at one of my favourite examples here – an art wall in a Ferm Living house.


A plate, even an expensive one, will still cost a lot less than an original piece of art. I have came across these amazing plates by artist Laetitia Rouget.


Dark room also make great wall plates in the style of Bauhaus.


For something even cheaper try Anthropologie or West Elm.

How about masks by Hay? Not for everyone, I know, masks can be a bit creepy. But I once saw a display of several masks on a dark grey wall and it looked fantastic.


Some time ago I came across these lovely little ceramic vases by Norwegian brand Ment at Scandinavian Touch shop in Whitstable and loved the look and originality of the idea. I am planning to find a place for it on one of my walls!


Another non-arty object that I really like on the walls is a candle holder. Ferm living makes beautiful ones.


This is an alternative by Hay.vuhw1mqm3ts9pa7gxixtTip 6: Kids pictures

A bit of a cliche but I think they are lovely! I am still to persuade my kids to do some for me. Find the best ones or give a project to do to your kids in the colours and mediums that would go with your home and display them. A bit of naive art will brighten up your hope and will be putting a smile on your face.


Inspiration discovered while on a Livingetc. house tour

Tip 7: Charity shops and antique markets

Whenever I have a chance I like checking out a few charity shops. One of the best tips I discovered is charity shops are a great place to look for cheap frames. They can be much better quality that what you would buy on a high street as a lot of them look like they have been made to order in framing shops. They are also older, so they have that slightly weathered look that I like and they are good for art walls where you would be mixing and matching frames.

Tip 8: Go on an art course

This one is not for everyone of course, but one of the most satisfying ones. There is nothing more pleasing that displaying something you have created yourself. I have done quite a few art courses over the years. Before kids when I lived in London I was a frequent student at London City Lit that offers a huge variety of courses for all interests, not just art. My favourite ones were life drawing (I even managed to sell one of my charcoal nude drawings) and printmaking where we got to try a number of printmaking techniques. Search for art courses available in your local area. A local art or a printmaking studio can also be a good place to find inexpensive original art created by the students.

If you don’t feel very creative yourself, but have a friend who does art as a hobby, ask them if they could gift you one of their works (or you could offer to buy). They will be pleased to see your appreciation!


Print on the left was purchased at the local printmaking studio


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JWDA Table Lamp by MENU – The One Lamp Every Home Needs

About a year ago I set out to search for a table lamp for my bedroom. I have a sideboard along one of the walls and was fixated to place an oversized lamp there to create drama. So how did I end up with a small and minimalistic JWDA?


Inspired by traditional oil lamps, the lamp was designed by Stockholm-based designer Jonas Wagell for one of my favourite Scandinavian brands MENU.

This light does not shout “Look at me!” but it does possess timeless quality of a future classic. The simple rounded shape of an opal glass and a sturdy base made of a combination of two natural materials, be it marble, concrete or metal (mine is in brass), make it fit perfectly into any context – a bedside table, a desk, a sideboard or on bookshelves. Jonas explains his design philosophy: “I want to create products that can be used every day and become part of people’s lives.”

In practical terms, what makes it so perfect is the lamp’s quality of light. The manual dimmer on the base of the lamp can regulate the intensity of light and suit your mood and situation. When I was buying the lamp, I kind of knew it had a dimmer but didn’t test it before buying, so didn’t realise what a great feature it is. It really does create an atmosphere similar to a candle or an oil lamp. This makes it perfect for a bedroom setting or to cosy up on a sofa in the living room. That is why I think it’s a perfect lamp for any home.

You can buy JWDA table lamp here. I checked and it is on special offer at the moment on this website!



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Mid-century Modern Home Set In A Breath-Taking Location Near Woodstock, NY

Bobby Bui and his partner Gary wanted a mid-century modern home, which are quite rare on the East Coast of the United States, as flat roof homes with walls of glass are not recommended in areas where the climate can be quite cold. When this 1960-s house came on the market, Bobby was especially drawn to it as it reminded him of homes he coveted in his youth while growing up in Southern California. “It really feels like a West Coast home”. Needless to say, this home received multiple offers within the first couple of days on the market, but luck and a strong offer secured it for Bobby and Gary and they moved here in the Fall of 2016.


First of all, could you tell me a little bit about the house and what attracted you to it?

The house is located in what is considered to be the most famous small town in the United States, Woodstock, NY.   Woodstock has been an arts colony for over 100 years and is also the town affiliated with the famous music festival of 1969.  Bob Dylan and many other famous musicians had or have homes here.  It remains an arts colony attracting tourists from all over the world.


Our mid-century modern home was built in 1962 by a former sea captain.  We are the third owners.  The original house had five front entrances that opened onto a deck.  The house is situated on a hill that overlooks a lake so from the interior it can appear as if one is on a ship looking out to water.  The second owners replaced two of the doors with windows, so the front now only has three entrances.


Did you have to do a lot of work to the house? And if so, what improvements did you make?

It was in good condition, but we did have to take on several big projects that were not cosmetic (e.g. new roof, replaced the septic tank, updated the electrical box, removed about 8 truckloads of overgrown brush that surrounded the exterior of the home).  The former owners were very “Woodstocky”, so the house was quite colorful (red, green, and yellow rooms) and even had a large mermaid sculpture hanging from the ceiling.  I personally re-painted the home in more neutral and natural tones.  We also replaced several of the large windows.


Are you in any way connected to architecture or interior design by profession?

Not formally, though my partner, Gary, and I both have a love for art and design.   We spend a lot of time studying design as well as talking to designers and dealers.  We also spend a lot of time window shopping.

I am a psychologist by training and teach full-time at a local college.  I also practice clinically, part-time.  My partner is an executive at a boutique firm that focuses on beverage marketing, research and consulting.


The house is set in a beautiful location. Could you please say a few words about its’ setting?

We are on over an acre of land about 5 miles from the town center.  The home is set back up on a hill that overlooks a lake and the road.  There is also a stream that runs along the front of the property that separates the property from the road.  It is breath-taking to walk the grounds as well as driving up to the home. Even after more than three years of living here I am still in awe coming home to this house.



Your furniture and artwork are carefully selected to match the style of the house. Could you say a few words about your interior design style and how you source furniture and accessories. 

We buy from auctions houses, antique shops, second-hand shops, Craigslist and flea markets.  Whether in the States or when we travel abroad we are always looking for beautiful items to fill our homes.  We appreciate design/designers so only invest in authentic pieces whether they be original productions or authorized reproductions.  Although we are drawn to midcentury modern design, we also own and incorporate pieces from other periods/design styles.


Do you have any favourite pieces?

I would say one of our favourite pieces in our Woodstock home is the Ateljee Lounge Chair in black leather and teak wood by Yrjo Kukkapuro.  I purchased the chair off Craigslist from a rather accomplished photographer in NYC who purchased the chair himself in the 1960’s. He was just starting out in NYC and fell in love with the chair upon seeing it in a window of a shop in the West Village.  As he could not afford it, he purchased it on layaway, something we rarely hear of these days as most individuals now have credit cards.  He always cherished it and was only parting with it as a result of it being difficult to get in and out of it in his senior years.  The chair has quite a low seat.  He was happy that it was going to a home where it would be well taken care of and appreciated.  In our home, the chair is occupied most by our Norwich Terrier, Winston.  I love this chair not only for its aesthetic appearance but its history.



Instagram: @the_w_house


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Prettiest Christmas Decorations By Walther & Co

I have a confession to make – I am not that bothered about Christmas. I am feeling slightly nervous though admitting this in the midst of all the festive preparations. Don’t get me wrong, I do get a little bit excited in the run up, setting the table on Christmas day and opening presents with the kids, but after the festivities are finished, I am quite glad to put all the decorations back into their boxes, sweep up drying Christmas tree needles off the floor and return the house back to normal again. But this was until I discovered Christmas decorations, which I promise, you will want to have on display all year round!

I am talking of course about ethereal creations by Danish brand Walther & Co. The brand is a creation by Birgitte Herrig, who named the company after her grand father who travelled a lot in Indonesia and India and always brought back exciting and special objects. This has inspired her to mix Nordic traditions and Asian mystery in a both nostalgic and contemporary design.

Waltherco 8

Birgitte has always worked with different materials and techniques and seeks inspiration everywhere: during a walk in the forest, visiting a flea market or talking to interesting people. She also travels a lot – to India, Morocco and Turkey where traditional arts and crafts are still practised.

In Walther & Co’s Christmas collection natural materials in shades of grey, violet and brown create a timeless lightness. Pearls, buttons, little bells, fabrics, candlesticks and pillows invite you to mix and match all items to create your own personal style: Modern bohemian, ethnic global or classic with a modern twist.

Waltherco 2

The meticulous embroideries, prints, carvings, braidings and joinings all have a unique finish which unites centuries of traditions with modern design. Every detail in Walther & Co’s Christmas collection has passed through the hands of skilled craftsmen. The little differences from being handmade give every item personality and life.

Materials, such as transparent organza, frosted mother-of-pearl and gossamer filament mix well with rustic zinc, golden brass and delicate mouth blown glass. The materials are bent, braided and folded to form hearts, angels, stars, leaves, acorns, birds, etc.

You can buy Walther & Co decorations online here.

Or, if you want to browse the collection in person, head to Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden, which not only has a good selection of Walther & Co decorations but also is a wonderful shop to visit at any time of the year with lots of amazing gift ideas, beautiful ceramics, pots and plants.


James Burleigh Sample Sale 11 – 12 January 2020

James Burleigh is a London based furniture designer and manufacturer specialising in high quality tables, benches, seating and credenza cabinets.  James’s focus since launching the brand in 2002 has been to create products that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.

James Burleigh 2

Their signature collection uses laminate in over 100 colours and a choice of solid wood edges to create tables, benches and stools that are visually appealing, strong and durable.  They offer flexibility in terms of size, height and dimension that make their products perfect for today’s work environments, facilitating adaptable spaces that reflect the culture and ethos of each specific setting.  Despite the variety, there is a strong brand identity ensuring that whatever configuration is chosen, an integrated space results.

SALE Poster James Burleigh 11-12 January 2020