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Molesworth & Bird Pressed Seaweed Art Prints

This is my latest find from a recent holiday in Devon. We stopped off in Lyme Regis and while wondering around this lovely town I came across Molesworth & Bird shop full of wonderful seaweed prints and home accessories.


I couldn’t resist buying one of these prints.


The prints are created by Melanie Molesworth & Julia Bird – friends who share a love of nature and the outdoors, and have both been pressing seaweeds gathered near their homes.  Inspired by these beautiful natural artworks, they are now offering limited-edition art prints of their pressings, as well as greetings cards, postcards, tea towels, cushions, enamelware and framed natural seaweed pressings.


Each print is a limited edition run of 100 prints and comes in A3 or A4 format. They now have 22 pressed seaweeds gathered from the British South West Coast.

58454139_575808706243201_3151314111224061359_n(1)If you happen to visit Lyme Regis make sure you visit their beautiful little shop in the old Miller’s Garage at the Town Mill, surrounded by quirky artisan shops, cafes, a pottery and micro-brewery.



Website: / Instagram: molesworthandbird

Transforming Hallways With Sophie Cooney Runners

When we moved to our current house a stair runner was one of the hardest purchases to make. I realised that the choice out there was mostly limited to traditional stripy designs and eventually I settled on painting a stair runner on and postponed the idea of buying one until later. But recently while browsing Instagram I have discovered Sophie Cooney runners. I loved ethnic inspired but updated for modern interiors patterns, bright but restrained colour schemes, that make runners more of a statement rather than a bland background, and authentic craftsmanship. Like me, Sophie had trouble finding a stair runner for her home, but instead of giving up she decided to create her own!

sophie cooney portrait

I got in touch with Sophie to find out more about how she started her business, what inspires her and her plans for the future.


“I started with stair runners back in 2014 but I didn’t really make it a business until late last year. I originally had one made for my own staircase when I couldn’t find what I was looking for. All runners seemed to be lines and very similar designs. I was looking for a more contemporary look of the kilim style weave. After over a year of searching for the right supplier who could make my designs to the quality I was after I finally got my runner installed. I then had lots of friends asking if I could get one made for them.

sophiecooney 14

Last year I decided there was enough demand to make this a small business. I’ve always loved design but never really had the time to explore my creative side. I used to work as a producer in Google’s Creative Lab department which I loved but it was difficult to combine with being a mum. Now I get to be my own creative director and finally use all my design software knowledge creating something I’m now passionate about.

SophieCooney 10

I love kilim style rugs but sometimes find the designs too busy or too ‘kilim’ style. I wanted to create a new, more contemporary version of the kilim style. I love looking at old kilim style rugs and drawing inspiration from the shapes and patterns but then re-designing them to create a more modern version. I do all my designs in Illustrator or photoshop.

My suppliers are based in India and Turkey. All runners are hand dyed and hand woven using the finest cotton or wool.

Sophie Cooney 11

For now I am sticking with stair and hallway runners. I am married and have two tiny children aged 1 and 4 which sometimes means I can’t quite do as much work as I would like. ”

Sophie’s showroom is currently based at her London home and the viewing can be arranged by appointment.

instagram: @sophiecooneyrunners



6 Of The Best Coloured Glasses To Get You Ready For Summer Alfresco Dining

Coloured glass is one of my interior obsessions and bright, colourful, sparkling in the sun glassware suits outdoor summer dining perfectly. There are so many jewel hues out there at the moment at very affordable prices that you are bound to find something you will love. Below is a list of my best finds in my favourite shades of green, olive, sea blue and refreshing and so “now” peachy pink.


Fish & Fish Medium Glass – 22 cl – Serax, £8. Love this green fish themed glassware, that includes so many complementing items, not just glasses but also useful for storage jars, serving dishes and a pretty fish shaped bottle.

Glassware Serax


British Colour Standard Bubbles Tumbler, £5. The Bubbles tumblers by British Colour Standard are handmade from recycled glass and come in an array of candy colours – perfect for mix and matching on your summer table.

Glassware tumbler


Bitossi Long Drink, €4.50. I have to admit that these recycled tinted blown glasses are probably my favourites. Available online from French retailer Merci.

Glassware Bitossi


Tivoli Promenade glass by Normann Copenhagen 2-pack, £18. Inspired by the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, this contemporary design collection by Normann Copenhagen captures Tivoli’s enchanting magic and cultural heritage. Love these tumblers for their subtle colour and elegant ribbed shape.

Glassware Tivoli

Iittala Raami drinks glass 2- pack, £20.  Part of the new dining collection designed by Jasper Morrison, launched in the beginning of 2019, these glasses are available in three summery shades – transparent, ocean blue and my favourite moss green.

Glassware Raami


Afroart Maroc Glass 6 cm, £3. These traditional Moroccan glasses by Swedish Fairtrade brand Afroart are handmade from recycled bottles. The glass can be used for both hot and cold beverage. 

glassware afroart



Tour The Most Magical Girls’ Rooms You Will See

When I saw Giselle’s fairy tale kids rooms I fell in love with her whimsical magical style, so I couldn’t wait to share her story and images on my blog.


Here is what Giselle is saying about her home:

We have lived in this house for about two years. It’s just an ordinary two up two down house and it’s not very big! In fact it is a really small house! Downstairs we only painted the walls and that’s about it. That’s the reason why I don’t like posting any pictures of the living room or the kitchen. In the future I would like to renovate these rooms too.

So for now I just decorate the kids’ rooms. It’s also the favourite place in the house where you can let fantasy loose and that’s what I really have done I think.

The rooms are from my 2 girls: Cheyenne (9 years old) and Allison (1,5 years old).


I have to say that I really like to change the rooms so they look very different every time.


I experiment a lot with wallpaper and paint and I move the furniture around sometimes. I also buy something new every month and I love to look for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.


I have found a lot of inspiration from Sweden. I really love Swedish Instagram accounts and also find a lot from Mrs. Mighetto on Instagram. They create really magical posters that I love and show them in a lot of different rooms on Instagram. That is my biggest inspiration and also the Numero74 collection. When I saw this brand I was totally in love, everything they make looks like a fairy tail to me.


My favorite brands are:

Numero74 because that is soooo magical and delicate. I have a lot from this brand and I think I have the Canopy in every single colour they sell! The flags and pillows are also from Numero74 and lately I have bought a bed drape from them. (In the UK Numero74 products can be purchased from


Garbo and Friends bedding: Also very magical with flowers and forest animals.


Mrs. Mighetto: the posters, I have a lot of them in the kids rooms.


Sandberg wallpaper: I have the Faded Passion wallpaper from Sandberg in Cheyenne’s room. It’s the green one with the flowers. It’s absolutely the most beautiful wallpaper I have ever seen!!

The headboard is also a very beautiful eye catcher in the room. This headboard is from Leo&Moon. She sells the most beautiful rattan products.


I also have a lot of dolls and stuffed animals that I’m very proud of! The big Octopus is from The flamingo is by Numero74, the mermaid doll is just new and came all the way from Australia (, the doll with one eye is from The Animal heads on the wall are from (new) and the swan is from


Instagram: @gisellebergstrm

Vitra Sample Sale – 13th July 2019

Dates: 13th July 2019 from 9am to 5pm

Get ready, the Vitra Sample Sale is coming up! On the 13th July 2019 at a brand new location, Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, you will have the chance to purchase original Vitra products at a special price for one day only. With discounts of up to 60% and prices starting from £25 for accessories and £99 for furniture.

All furniture and accessories on sale have already been used in showrooms, at exhibitions and on photo shoots.

Oxo Tower Wharf
United Kingdom


Danish Brand HAY: 12 Essentials Every Home Needs

On my recent trip to Bath I stumbled across HAY shop and of course couldn’t go past it. I have never seen the whole shop full of HAY products before and subsequently was surprised to find out that their Bath store is the only one in the country. I wonder why there isn’t one in London – a shame, Bath is a bit far to travel to otherwise I would be a frequent visitor.

Hay flower pot 1

HAY is one of those several Scandinavian brands I go to whenever I am looking for something for my home. Apart from their contemporary non-pretentious furniture and lighting design (it’s so much more difficult to create something simple but perfect), what I like about them is the fact that they take essential objects in our household, the ones we’d rather keep out of site, like a kitchen sponge, a dish cloth or a tooth brush and make that look beautiful.

Another big positive for me – they claim that one of their fundamental goals is to make good design accessible to the largest possible audience. I can’t argue with that, their prices are affordable.

Today in this post I would like to focus on those essential, useful but overlooked by so many everyday objects in our homes. I have selected a few items that I am sure any home uses daily or could benefit from. A few items I added are probably not essential but I just really like them! Like those traditional Italian metal ice-cream cups.

For a few years now I have been a loyal follower of Marie Condo tidying method and her main idea – surround yourself only with the things you love, although so simple and seemingly obvious, was an eye opener and makes total sense. Well, with Hay collection you don’t have to put up with any ugly and unloved household item, be it a bin or a rolling pin.



A little bit about each product and the reasons I love them:

  1. Shopping bag – Strong enough to carry grocery shopping and spacious enough for a weekend away, HAY’s Shopping Bag is a useful and versatile everyday item. Crafted in durable and lightweight recyclable polypropylene, it is available in two sizes in plain colours or with a two-tone design. For style conscious, so much better than a supermarket carrier bag.
  2. HAY’s Pirouette Cup and Saucer are made in clear glass and feature an all-over swirling ribbed pattern. It might be just me, but despite a huge variety of coffee and tea mugs on the market, I really can’t find the ones I would want to buy. This one is a different matter though, love the ribbed design!
  3. Perforated bin – Made in perforated iron, HAY’s multifunctional Perforated Bin can be used for storing a variety of items, such as office waste, laundry, umbrellas and many more.
  4. Colour Crate – Multifunctional plastic crate with ventilated and stackable design in a variety of different colours and sizes. A great design for so many uses and perfect for kids’ rooms.
  5.  Enamel – Crafted in lightweight and durable enamel, HAY’s Enamel collection comprises an extensive series of everyday plates, dishes and kitchenware. Featuring a distinctive speckled design on a contrasting background, it is available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. I would also add that it would work really well for outdoor dinning and barbecues – a more durable and stylish alternative to plastic.
  6. Stone Rolling Pin – Rolling pin cut to the functional bone – no-nonsense functionality in green stone with marbled effect. While not the most frequently used utensil in my kitchen, I crave everything made of natural stone, if not to use, then at least for display purposes. An inexpensive way to add this material to a kitchen.
  7. Dish Drainer – A trio of functional designs for draining the dishes, Shane Schneck’s Dish Drainer comprises a ridged melamine tray, steel plate rack and silicone cutlery holder. Unlike the rolling pin, this item is essential for every kitchen. What I like about this one, is that it’s not bulky at all compared to other choices on the market. With the use of the dishwasher, you only really need a small one and something that wouldn’t dominate your sink area. The one we are using at the moment easily gets mouldy, so I am planning to give this a go next time. The contrasting shapes, materials and colours add visual interest to this everyday kitchen essential.
  8. Watering Can – With a clean, handle-free design and elongated spout for easy watering, Shane Schneck’s Watering Can is a durable and timeless object with interesting design proportions. Made in weatherproof plastic in different colour options. With indoor plants being so fashionable at the moment a small watering can is also becoming an essential. I am definitely buying this one and I am also planning to make watering plants my son’s first chore. Hope his enthusiasm doesn’t evaporate after just one day.
  9. Italian Ice Cup is crafted in stainless steel with a stem and rounded bowl that are ideal for scoops of ice cream or other desserts. This traditional design reminds me so much of ice cream parlours from my childhood, so their sentimental value got them on this list!
  10. PC Table Lamp – Pierre Charpin’s PC Table Lamps is a collection of refined freestanding tabletop lamps. The lamps are constructed in anodised aluminium, which makes the surface more resistant to corrosion. The light source is hidden from view by a removable polycarbonate moulded diffuser, creating both a soft directional downlight effect and determining the form of the lamp itself. Because they are cordless, they can also be used outdoors on a summery night.
  11.  Mono blanket – Crafted in soft, pure wool, HAY’s Mono Blanket features a twill structure that creates distinctive diagonal woven lines. The blanket is available in a variety of colour options. A good blanket is an absolute essential in every home. I use mine on a daily basis even in summer. These are such a great combination of high quality and affordable price.
  12. Everyday scissors for everyday purposes with a matt finish in brass or black metal. I bought these some time ago because I needed another pair of scissors and when I saw them I really liked the look. Now I can’t put them away so they are on permanent display on a golden tray among other decorative objects.


A small number of links in this post are affiliate links, but all of the opinions are mine!

Design Classic: Mid-century Decorative Glass

For many years now I have been obsessing with various rainbow shades and imaginative shapes of vintage coloured glass from restrained forms of Holmegaard bowls to bursts of colour by Blenko or Murano glass.

What I really like about it, is that you can easily find a spectacular looking object, be it a vase, a paper weight or an ashtray and create a unique centrepiece for a relatively small price compared to, say, a piece of art.


I have recently browsed Etsy and found so many amazing designs that I would like to share with you, so they can be an inspiration not just to me, but perhaps to some of you too. I have added links to the product under each photo.

When searching for coloured glass I look out for the following makers:

Czechoslovakian vintage glass. Some of it, like Exbor sommerso glass, can get quite expensive but there are cheaper options too if you go for less well known makers.

Murano, by different makers. There is a lot of cheap, tacky looking Murano glass around, made to trap tourists, but there are some amazing finds too, like this scallop shaped dish below. At the other end of the spectrum is Venini of course. I remember their amazing shop in Venice that I bumped into.

Vintage glass 6

Mid century Murano glass bowl

Vintage glass 11

Murano Optic Art Paperweight

Sommerso – “submerged” in Italian is a technique used to create several layers of glass inside a single object, giving the illusion of “immersed” colours that lay on top of each other without mixing. The result can be rather striking.



Holmegaard. Apart from Otto Brauer’s Gulvase which can sell for hundreds of pounds I also found these wonderful votives in thick textured crystal.

Of course smoky minimalist forms of these Per Lutken finds are timeless.

Blenko – American brand that claim to be the most colourful glass makers. Despite that, it is this heavy clear glass bowl that appealed to me most! In my living room I do have one of their decanters in orange though.



Designers Guild Warehouse Sale 26 – 29 April

Come to Park Royal Distribution Centre for fantastic bargains.

Enjoy up to 75% OFF Fabric, Wallpaper, Bed & Bath and Home Accessories.

Friday 26th April 09.00 – 18.00
Saturday 27th April 09.00 – 15.00
Sunday 28th April 10.00 – 15.00
Monday 29th April 10.00 – 15.00

FREE PARKING – Postcode for car park – NW10 7PS

Designers Guild, Unit 10, Matrix Park,
900 Coronation Road, London NW10 7PH

For more details go to their website.


Tour This Contemporary Home Set In Idyllic Woodland Location Near Helsinki

This impressive contemporary new build in amazing woodland location 35 minutes from Helsinki is home to Tuuli and her family. A house in the middle of the forest with a vegetable garden next to it is a home of my childhood dreams, so when I saw this house I couldn’t resist to see and find out more.


Could you tell me a few words about yourself?

I am an art teacher by education, but also studied marketing at the university.  My occupation is related to marketing, but interior design has been one of my passions since the early age. I see myself as artistic and visual person. I really enjoy doing ceramics and visual arts during my spare time.


Could you tell me a little bit about the house? How did you come up with its’ design? 

Before this house, me and my husband had designed a few houses on paper and also had bought a plot near to our current house. We used to live in a traditional wooden house also located near to a forest. Although we were happy with the surroundings of that house, we were dreaming of a modern, simplistic home.


After finding this beautiful plot next to a pine forest and a small lake, we were totally excited and sold the plot we had earlier bought. We also found an architect who’s design concept felt like a good match with our ambitions. The architect had earlier designed modern summerhouses in Finland of a similar design and style. Instead of using wood as a building material (which is a traditional material for houses in Finland), we chose to build with concrete elements.



There are 3 bedrooms, an open plan living, kitchen and dining area, a large tv room, 2 bathrooms, sauna, laundry room and a storage in the house. Altogether 250 square meters. We have two large outdoor terraces on both floors for outside cooking and relaxing.


The location of the house is very interesting, it seems to be in the middle of the woods – such a beautiful position! And a vegetable garden – are you interested in growing your own fruit and vegetables?

The house is situated in a small village in the Southern Finland close to large forest areas. Neighbourhood is newly built with large plots and just nearby, there is an area with cozy, picturesque summerhouses from 1950’s-1970’s.


We really love the location of our house in the middle of woods since we like to spend time outdoors and in the forest picking berries and mushrooms (like most of the Finns! 😊).


Gardening has been important for me for many years, but lately my interest has grown into growing my own vegetables and berries, like blueberries, blackcurrants and raspberries. That’s something I want my kids to learn as well, that food does not come from the grocery stores, it can be grown in your own backyard or even terrace.


How would you describe your interior decorating style? What are your favourite homeware brands and where do you like to source your furniture and accessories? 

My interior decoration style is quite minimalistic and quality materials are important for me. I would rather buy furniture that lasts decades instead of buying something ”too trendy” for just a couple of years.



I adore Danish design classics like the Wishbone chair and the AJ lamp. But our interior decoration is a mix of furniture / interior decoration items from different brands like Bo concept, Carl Hansen, Fogia, Cane-Line, Sits, Hay and Vitra. To avoid having a feeling of living in an design store, I like to spice up the decoration with hand-made ceramics and pieces of art. I like to use warm tones and wood in the decoration for a cozy feeling. Although I like black and white Scandinavian interiors, I feel that they are not for me.


Nowadays I buy decoration items mainly from the web, but I like to visit design shops during holiday trips for instance in Denmark & Sweden.


What is your favourite place in the house?

My favourite place in the house is our upstairs terrace even though it can be used only for a limited time period from spring to late autumn due to cold weather during winter time in Finland. I love to have my morning coffee outside in the terrace listening to birds singing and trying to see a glimpse of the lake between the woods.


And finally, something about future plans. Any new purchases or redecorations you are planning for this year?

When it comes to future plan of purchases: I will travel to Aarhus, Denmark to look for sofas for our downstairs TV room space. It sounds arrogant, but we haven’t found a single sofa that feels like a right match for a 50 square meter space from the retailers in Finland. But you know how it can be, sometimes you have to make an effort to get something you really want to have, right! 😁”


Instagram: @_by_tuuli

Canvas Home Sample Sale 11 – 13 April

From the 11th to the 13th of April Canvas Home will be holding a sample sale at their London Shop. There will be items from their previous collection as well as discounts on the new lines with prices starting from £2.00. A huge variety of tableware, glassware, ceramics and cutlery will be available.


11th April 2019 from 10am to 6pm

12th April 2019 from 10am to 7pm

13th April 2019 from 11am to 5pm


57 Amwell Street 



United Kingdom

Canvas 2