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Design Trend: Portable Cordless Lamps

In the past few years we have seen more and more portable light design appearing on the market. This is a welcome trend – cables can be hugely unattractive and the need to move a lamp around is dictated by our modern life styles. The versatility of a rechargeable portable lamp means this is a growing market. So what’s available out there right now? I have discovered some very attractive options suitable for different budgets.

Carrie lamp, Menu

Cordless lamp Menu 1

In Denmark, where winters are cold and long, creating a warm, cozy atmosphere is a way of life. There is even a Danish word for it – hygge. The idea behind the Carrie LED Lamp is to honour hygge in the context of modern living. Lightweight and portable with a USB charger, the possibilities of the lamp are endless. Use it as a bedside lamp, on an office desk or as an alternative to candles on the dining table. Carrie is also perfectly sized for picnicking in the park, festival-going or moonlit walks on the beach.

PC Portable lamp, Hay


Pierre Charpin’s PC Portable Lamp is a refined and portable freestanding lamp for indoor and outdoor use. Constructed in robust plastic and featuring a matte scratch- and water- resistant finish, its battery-powered design gives the freedom and flexibility to move it anywhere. The light source is hidden from view by a polycarbonate diffuser, available with both downlight and ambient output options, depending on the desired use. The PC Portable Lamps are available in a variety of colour variants and are ideal for table lighting in domestic environments, as well as at cafés, restaurants and other public areas.

Book Light, Gingko

Cordless lamp Ginko

When closed, Gingko’s Book Light masquerades as a laser-cut wooden book, but when opened it transforms into a sculptural light emitting a wonderful ambient white LED light through the pages. Inside you will find tear-proof and water-resistance soft white “pages” powered by LED lights. The beautiful, exquisite design opens to full 360 degrees with cleverly concealed magnets. The battery will take approximately 3-4 hours to charge and the battery will last about 7-8 hours on constant use.

Setago Table Light, &tradition


‘Seta’ – the Spanish word for mushroom – sets the tone for the diminutive, mushroom-like proportions of this quirky table lamp. But a further clue to its identity is signified by the suffix ‘go’ because this portable lamp – unburdened by an electrical cord – can literally move anywhere. Additional design features include a discreet gold dimmer and a stylish upward curve on the lamp shade’s brim 

Minipipistrello, Martinelli Luce

Cordless lamp Minipipistrello

A cult design object, the Pipistrello lamp is constantly renewing itself. Thanks to LED technology, the Minipipistrello is now available in a portable, dimmable, cordless version with rechargeable battery and touch sensor. Minipipistrello is ready to go anywhere you want, for a romantic dinner, a date on the terrace, as an ideal companion for limitless living.

Bolleke Wireless lamp, Fatboy

Cordless lamp bolleke

Cordless, portable and rechargeable. Creating light wherever you like! The basic design gives all the elementary components the opportunity to flourish.For example, when illuminated, the iconic round shape resembles a pearl. Thanks to its even contours, Bolleke creates uniform light in any space. Light is equally distributed throughout the entire lamp. A technology specially designed by Fatboy. The soft rubber siliconbuttons are subtly integrated into the design. They match the colour of the loop, which was inspired by the hair elastics and sailing binder smart systems. You can tie Bolleke as easily as your hair or the sail on a yacht. With three different light settings, Bolleke stands out against any backdrop. This makes Bolleke a stylish and smart light that is at home anywhere.

Nox Light, Alfredo Häberli

Cordless lamp Nox

Named after the Latin word for night, Nox encourages the user to move it around to embellish and brighten up a space both indoor and out. Nox is composed of four elements: a charging base, an anodised aluminium body containing the charging system, a hand-blown opaline glass diffuser, and a simple handle. Featuring a touch dimmer, Nox can provide ample light for reading but also a cosy soft light for a dinner party when dimmed. Ideal as a bedside lamp, Nox can be picked up and carried to any part of the home it is needed and with its lux materiality also makes the perfect centrepiece for a dining table.






Stable House by Frama

The Stable House is one of a few preserved villas in Copenhagen. The building originally functioned as stables for the horses that carried water from the lakes, and the protected facade was created in 1878 by Georg Møller. Frama Studio has completed the residential project, where a series of stylish details included pivoting brass shutters, a terrazzo floor and a custom-made bed wrapped in solid Douglas fir. The result is a light, warm yet minimalistic feel where every detail of the custom-made furnishings and interior has been thought through.

Year: 2019
Client: Private
Location: Copenhagen
Services: Interior Architecture
Photographs: Erik Lefvander


Frama 10



Frama 11

Frama 9

Frama 8

Frama 7

Frama 6

Frama 5

Frama 4

Frama 3

Frama 2

Frama 12

Trend Alert: Seashell Inspired Designs

Organic but intricate forms of sea creatures is a great source of inspiration for home decor. Reminiscent of art deco designs today seashell motifs in furniture and accessories are as popular as ever.

Here is a selection of my favourites.

Eichholtz Sofa Messina

Eicholtz shell sofa

This elegant sofa is inspired by the sumptuous sculptural silhouettes of Art Deco armchairs.

Feather chair and bed, Anthropologie

anthropologie shell chair

This collection is a result of Anthopologie’s collaboration with a Welsh designer Bethan Gray. The award-winning designer ‘s love of detail, texture, and luxury defines her signature style. In this collaboration, she embraces both sleekly geometric and fascinatingly biomorphic silhouettes and endows them with an eclectic, yet modern touch – the result is a glamorous, head-turning collection.

Anthropologie shell bed

This Art Deco inspired shape of arm chairs and sofas is very popular at the moment and you will be able, no doubt, to find multiple variation on the theme by different brands. Although this one is called feather, to me it also looks very much like a shell. This particular chair and bed design is quite simple and stream lined not to detract from the main silhouette.

You can find similar designs by Graham&Green, Oliver Bonas and others.

Gubi shell lamp

Seashell Gubi 2

Paavo Tynell’s fanciful take on nature is gracefully echoed in the 5321 Table Lamp, designed by the Finnish designer in 1938. Under the distinctive shell-inspired brass shade, the bulb subtly appears from beneath; a picturesque detail resembling the desirable sea shell pearl and making the 5321 Table Lamp a perfect example on how Tynell brought a playful nature and romance to the simplified style of mid-century modernism.

Blending timeless aesthetic with a unique sense of form, the 5321 Table Lamp adds an exquisite character to complement any modern space. Both decorative and functional, the lamp is a balance of elegance and curiosity, providing a design that is at once subtle and surprising.


Sherlock lamp, Loaf

Loaf Sherlock lamp

A new design from Loaf on the same theme.


Ferm Living – Shell vase

Ferm Living have come up with a number of interesting shell inspired designs.

Ferm Living Shell Pot 2

Filled with your favourite flowers or by its own, this pot shaped like a nautilus shell merges natural shapes with contemporary design. With a matte outside and glazed inside, it adds delicate detail to any room, simple and sculptural all at once.


Ferm Living Shell Rug

Ferm Living Sea Shell Rug 1

In the shape of some of the most marvellous wonders and creatures of the sea (this collection includes a shell, a sea horse and a fish), these tufted rugs can either be hung on a wall or placed on the floor. Whichever way you use them, they will leave their nautical mark on the kids’ room. Tufted by hand, the varying pile height creates a dynamic expression in the thick and cute rug.

Ferm Living Shell Rug

Katie Scott wallpaper for Ferm Living

Ferm Living Shell wallpaper 1

With her usual stunning richness in detail, the British illustrator Katie Scott has created three designs of wallpaper for Ferm Living. Whether her subject has been shells, trees, or animals, the wallpapers display a breathtaking representation of both the animal and botanical kingdom.

Ferm Living Shell wallpaper

Seashell collection, Hay

Hay shell

Danish design brand Hay has created a wonderful collection of seashell inspired decorative glass dishes. They haven’t made them easy to find though. Available on a couple of European shopping websites, they cannot be delivered to the UK. I spotted them in Hay shop in Bath. They are absolutely beautiful. You can try calling the store in Bath and order one over the phone.

Hay shell 1

Hay shell 2

Los objetos decorativos sea shell ceramics

los objetos decorativos

Rosa Rubio is the brains behind Los Objetos Decorativos, the Barcelona-based studio. Her colourful ceramic shell vases and boxes have taken Instagram by storm, gaining a cult following among influencers and design lovers-alike. With Los Objetos Decorativos, Rubio has designed a collection of home décor objects, concentrating on organic forms, delicate muted tones and various materials, textures and sensations. If you’re on the hunt for original and elegant decorative pottery, the pieces from Los Objetos Decorativos are sure to take your fancy.


House of Hackney Sample Sale, 30 November – 1 December 2019

House of Hackney’s Christmas sample sale is coming to the Box!

House of Hackney

Discover amazing pieces from their interiors, home accessories and fashion collections including fabric, wallpaper and cushions in a range of their incredible maximalist prints such as Mamounia, Artemis, Palmeral and many more.

Key items will include lamp shades, washbags, china crockery and kitchen accessories, plus lots of stocking fillers!


Prices will start from just £10.


Design Classic: Atollo Table Lamp

For many years now, Atollo has no longer been a lamp, or rather, it has no longer been just a lamp. It has become a myth, an icon: one of the best known symbols of Italian design wordwide, one of the very few products which people recognise and call with its own name.

Atollo 7 Nest

Designed in 1977 by Vico Magistretti, over the years, Atollo has become the archetype of the table lamp, winning the Compasso d’Oro in 1979 and completely revolutionising the way we imagine the classic bedside lamp.

Atollo 5 Nest

The geometric shapes that compose it – cylinder, cone and hemisphere – have resulted in a product that is decorative and essential at the same time, disconnected from the historical period and the fashions of the moment – a luminous sculpture from which nothing can be removed to which nothing can be added. And which nothing can copy.

Atollo 8 Twenty

Atollo 6 Nest

Atollo 4 Nest


Source: @perspectivestudio


Source: @artillerietstore

Atollo 2 Skandium

Atollo 1



The Audo – New Space in Copenhagen Designed By The Founder Of MENU

As a hotel residence, restaurant, café, concept store, material library, creative work and event space, The Audo unites design, work-life, hospitality and community in one.


Bjarne Hansen, former CEO and founder of MENU, has taken on this new venture with a strong vision to connect kindred spirits from across the globe, through the new space concept, The Audo. With a clear idea in mind, he brought together different creative individuals and began the journey to manifest his dream together with Norm Architects and Nathan Williams from Kinfolk.

The Audo1

The name, Audo, is an abbreviation of the latin phrase Ab Uno Disce Omnes meaning ”from one, learn all”, defining the space as a place for people to share ideas, experiences and knowledge.

“Blurring the lines been home-life and work, uniting design, business and communication in one innovative, physical space that is alive and under constant renewal, The Audo as a concept is a unique place to experience elements of our built environment as a whole, where products from the worlds’ premium design brands will engage in dialogue”, Bjarne Hansen says about his vision for the Audo.

The Audo Facade

The Audo’s architecture team, led by Norm Architects founder Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Norm Architects partner Peter Eland, transformed a disused merchant house for a shipping magnate in Nordhavn, Copenhagen’s new waterfront city district and former industrial port. The Audo’s building is one of the oldest in the area, and, as an homage to the historic character, Norm Architects chose to preserve the building’s façade.

Internally, the building resembles a collector’s home with selected items from friends and brand partners of The Audo.

“I hope this becomes a reference point for social encounters within the field of culture for young, creative professionals.” Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen says. “Globally, I hope we can contribute to new ways of thinking about blending work, life, and travel.”

The Audo Concept 3


From the linen and robes in the residence, to the cushions, accessories, crockery and even stationary found around the house; everything can be purchased at the Audo Concept. This concept store acts as a living gallery, showcasing both established and up and coming creative’s work amongst products from selected brands.

The art pieces on display change from season to season with some exhibitions lasting for months and some being more temporary. The art curated for The Audo ranges from paintings, to ceramics, to sculptures and installations.

The Audo 9

The Audo library is available to guests and the stable of architects and designers who frequent the Audo for inspiration, events and work related occasions. The library is a comprehensive, ever-expanding collection of natural materials, fabrics, and leathers from brand partners, including wood and stone samples for flooring and furniture, architectural details, visual references and catalogues.

The Audo2

The Audo Residence showcases the essence of the house and brings furniture, lamps, beds, art and accessories together as a whole. This boutique hotel serves as a living showroom constantly transforming and adapting.

The Audo Residence 5

The Audo Residence 4

The Audo Residence

The Audo residence 3

The Audo Residence 2 | @the_audo

Deco Moderne: Heal’s AW19 Collection

For AW19 Heal’s introduces two new collections Deco Moderne and Modern Nostalgia. Deco Moderne was inspired by the glamour of the Art Deco era and carefully blends 1930s influences with contemporary design elements. Touches of gold and delicate etching hark back to the gilded era while contemporary shapes and finishes give the collection a modern feel.

Heal's Deco Moderne 3

Heal's Deco Moderne 6

A key part of this collection is collaboration with London-based designer, Genevieve Bennett. Her Knot collection, which includes two mirrors, pendants and a rug, is the first of its kind at Heal’s involving a designer working across several categories.

Heal's Deco Moderne

Her mirror designs feature intricate etching onto solid brass while her Deco pendant – Genevieve’s first foray into lighting design – combines linear detailing with an opaque, spherical bulb and glass cloche creating a piece with a vintage feel.

Heal's Deco Moderne 1

The Knot Rug demonstrates Genvieve’s instinctive command for pattern and her commitment to creating pieces which are timelessly elegant. Flowing lines loop together to form a distinctive motif which is enhanced by the contrast of shiny viscose detailing against a matte woollen finish.

Heal's Deco Moderne 5

You can explore Heal’s AW19 full collection here.


10 Of The Best Marble Coffee Tables For Your Home

If you want to add a lot of texture to your interior by combining various materials, if you want to add refinement and a touch of glamour, if you love natural materials with timeless appeal, look no further than marble.


Image: Table – Menu; Design – Norm Architects

Marble Coffee Table The Audo

Image: Table – Menu

Apart from white marble, other options have been becoming more and more popular with green, black and warm beige and brown tones to choose from. White is still a very appealing colour, as it seems to be a classic with a lot of longevity in it.


Image: Artilleriet Interiors


Image: Ferm Living


Image: Salvatori At Home


Image: Studio Creative Varsovie, Poland, by Magdalena Radałowicz-Zadrzyńska


Image: Home of The Water Tower Project


Image: Home of The Water Tower Project

A good thing, is that although looking luxurious and refined, marble does not always have to be an expensive choice.


Image: Ferm Living

I have made a selection of my favourite designs, offering some high end classics like an iconic Eero Saarinen Tulip table and a beautiful Plinth coffee table by Menu, as well as more wallet friendly options by La Redoute and Ferm Living. Whatever the price, my search focused on simple, classic shapes and designs that will stand the test of time.


1. Ts Coffee Table Ø80cm, Black/White Marble, Gubi, £819 / 2. Pelham Coffee Table, Conran Shop, £1,355.00 / 3. Sintra Table Small, Frama, £614 / 4. Tulip Oval Coffee Table, Eero Saarinen forKnoll, £2,1125. Kir, Square Coffee Table, Black Steel & White Marble, Swoon,£349 / 6. Molteni Belsize Round Small Table, £1,365.60 / 7. BOTELLO Black Marble Coffee Table, La Redoute,£425.00 / 8. Ferm Living Marble Table – Large, £549.00 / 9. Madrigal Marble Top Coffee Table, AM. PM. £725.00 / 10. Menu Plinth Low Marble Coffee Table, £1,599.95


Made in London: Kaymet Trays

Did you know that there are over 3,000 manufacturers in London? It came as a surprise to me that there are still so many manufacturing industries surviving and thriving in London. Kaymet is one of them.

Kaymet S18 stack Ribbed  (Emerald Green / Gold on top)

They have been hand making anodised aluminium ware in London since 1947. Their classic designs, evolved over the years, feel fresher today than ever. Evocative of midcentury glamour they have simple and timeless beauty about them.

Kaymet 3

Kaymet products were first produced at a factory on Kennington Lane, near the Elephant & Castle, London and ever since then their manufacturing has always been in the same area of South East London.


If you are interested to know more about what diverse enterprises can be found in London, take a look at and follow Instagram, created and curated by Kaymet’s Mark Brearley.

In 2013, after a few decades of difficulties, the company reinvented itself and refreshed its’ identity.

Kaymet 4

From 2018 all products are hand made at Ossory Road. The updated design are produced in a variety of striking colours and laminates.


Image by @dimensioneph


In 2017 Kaymet began opening their factory up to the public during the annual London Open House weekend, and the business continues to play its part in celebrating the capital’s thriving manufacturing scene.

Today Kaymet trays are sold at some of the leading and most prestigious retailers in the UK, such as John Lewis, Harrods, Liberty, Fortnum & Mason as well as all over the world.

Kaymet 6






Product of the Month: Pal Stool by Northern

Designed by Sami Kallio in 2018 this stool perfectly combines modern minimalist shape, natural materials and beautiful wicker detail. Rattan is very much on trend at the moment seen everywhere from well established high end brands to budget friendly retailers. I have a strong feeling though that this simple design will transcend the fleeting fashion and end up a design classic.


This three-legged stool is crafted in oak and fitted with a choice of seats. The wicker seat is woven from natural reed fibres and integrated into the frame to sit level with the surface.

Part of the stool’s character is formed by the relationship between natural materials and craft techniques, which make each stool one-of-a-kind. The legs rise to the full height of the seat, creating a simple, yet striking, profile as they sit alongside the frame rather than underneath it.

Lightweight, stackable and easy to store, Pal is always available when additional seating is required.


Available at