Author: Anya Parish

4 Unmissable Shops to Visit in Hastings

I can’t believe summer is over and kids are back to school. Apparently this is the hottest summer on record and somehow we managed to take the last week of August off to have our family holiday together – probably the only week when we didn’t have beach weather. But the first days of September weren’t that bad actually and in the attempt to prolong summer we went to the nearest to us seaside town – Hastings. 

Theo’s Room Makeover

Nearly three years ago we bought our three bedroom semi-detached 1930s house in a complete state of disrepair. And so the exciting project of turning an old ruin into a family home and my design dream (two things that quite often clash) began. However, because for me completing the look of each space is quite a long process I still feel that most of the rooms in my house, although going in the right direction, as not quite ready to be shown on this blog. I will start with the newest addition to the house and will save the rest for later.

Best Reusable Coffee Cup That Also Looks Good

I have finally come across a reusable coffee cup that is as eco friendly as it’s beautiful! The disposable mugs we get with our take away coffee are non-recyclable, something I didn’t realise until recently. For a while now I have been meaning to be more organised about remembering to take one of the reusable mugs we keep at home but it rarely happens. A couple of days ago I had an e-mail from Waitrose in my inbox informing that they are starting to faze out their disposable coffee cups we get with free coffee. We will still be able to get free coffee, but will need to have our own cup with us. I totally agree with this new policy as I am sure it will bring much more positive results than just relying on voluntary choice. Unfortunately the majority of reusable cups I have come across just don’t look good. But on the same day I heard the news from Waitrose, I read about the Australian “Huskeecup”, one of the most eco friendly …

10 Most Inspirational Instagram Accounts

As this is one of the first blogs I am posting on this website I thought I’d share Instagram accounts that really inspire me for one or another reason to give an idea about styles I love and what makes me tick in the design world. There is a lot of inspiration out there and this list is by no means complete. I am listing them here in no particular order of importance as they are so different and there are various reasons why I have chosen them. I hope you will find this post fun!

Welcome to Design Collection Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! After a long break I have finally decided to return to blogging. I had an interior design blog a few years ago but life got too busy and I had to put it on hold. At some point I am hoping to add the archive of my old posts to this blog. I am planning to fill this blog with all things that inspire me about interior design – new shops, new brands, design classics, favourite products, sales, house tours and my own renovation project. But I particularly would like to focus on helping you source furniture and home accessories. How often has it happened to you (it happens to me all the time when I browse Pinterest), that you spot something you really like but then you can never find a link or a reference to what it is? I come across lots of reposts of the photos, and then just go in circles trying to figure out what it is and where to buy it. I find it …

A Day at Petersham Nurseries and Eel Pie Island

The weather was very uncertain today and in the morning it was beginning to rain so we were deliberating whether it was a good day for a river walk and part of us wanted to curl up at home in front of TV and get depressed but today was one of the very few opportunities to visit Eel Pie Island and a chance to combine it with a visit to Petersham Nurseries.    I am glad we didn’t give up. I have heard about Petersham nurseries before but have recently read about it’s history in London for Lovers book (a lovely little guide to romantic days out in London that I recently bought as a Valentine’s gift for my husband, at least that’s how I justified it, as I really wanted to read it myself and it was surely worth it, lots of interesting facts, ideas and good writing style. Actually I found out about Eel Pie Island and the open days that were taking place this weekend in this book too). This made me …

Lamb’s Conduit Street

Today I had a chance to have a quick stroll along Lamb’s Conduit street, one of my favourite shopping spots in London. I don’t come here often, it’s a bit out of the way from the main shopping destinations, not far from Russel Square. But whenever I am in the area and most often it’s to take my son to nearby Corum Fields playground I make sure I have a little look around. This little street is like an oasis with not much else in the proximity and is filled with interest. Our first stop was People’s Supermarket, where they were preparing lunch of some hot dishes, salads and a selection of sandwiches which we got for our picnic, very tasty with good bread – a great store full of organic and local produce. Then I had a quick look around a few design shops. I always make sure I stop off at Darkroom. It’s incredible how much good stuff they manage to cram into a relatively small space. There is always a clear theme …