Hello and welcome to Design Collection – a destination for those looking to create contemporary but inviting and warm living spaces with timeless appeal.


I started Design Collection blog as a way to collect and share all things that inspire me – interiors, designs, styles, products and brands that I have discovered, used, would like to buy or will never be able to afford but love and desire.

My interest in interiors started early on. I remember as a child fantasising about my perfect home – all white interior with plush sofas. In my adult life, whenever I visited somebody’s house or even having a work meeting that I found boring, my mind would immediately start drifting off to how I would redesign the space.

Over the years I have been on a journey learning more about my likes and dislikes, developing my personal taste including taste for good design. Now it makes me laugh to think what I found beautiful and exquisite many years ago. Like anything else our design sense can be improved through exposure and constant learning. But at the end of the day it’s just a lot fun – being visually stimulated, dreaming abut your ideal home, exploring different choices and shopping. This is one creative process that everyone can participate in.

One of my design peculiarities though – I don’t believe in throwing things away. There are of course situations when you have made a mistake and something clearly doesn’t work and needs to go. I am a great follower of Marie Condo’s advice – surround yourself only with things you love.

But following the same logic I never set out to buy something that is only going to last one season, something too fashionable or something I will quickly get bored with, as this means I don’t really love it. The most successful purchases for me are the ones that last ages, I use all the time, and am sad to see them go when they eventually fall apart. This is true both for clothes and homeware. Luckily, most of homeware items don’t get worn out that quickly and can literally last a lifetime. And another positive thing is good design does not necessarily equal expensive – high street budget stores can reward you with great finds – you just need to be discerning and know what to choose and what to avoid.

Because of this passion for longevity and quality I also have a keen interest in hand made and artisan products. I am always on the look out for interesting local British based manufacturers, as well as Scandinavian brands that I am drawn to because of their clean timeless aesthetic. Mid century classics are another interest of mine – designs that have stood the test of time and can easily fit into any style of interior, be it contemporary or classical.

My Instagram feed, that I invite you to follow, is a total dream space filled with interiors I find most inspiring.

If you share this design ethos with me, I hope you will become a frequent visitor to my blog and we will be able to explore this space together.