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10 Of The Best Budget Friendly But High On Style Wall Lights

Wall lights are so important in creating ambient and warm atmosphere in our home and I don’t think an average home has enough of them. I have recently been looking at a lot of different wall lights while researching for our potential bathroom redesign project. In this post I decided to compile my favourite finds that meet my usual two criteria, the first one being reasonably priced. And to comply with this goal I set myself a budget of a maximum of £200. So the lights are not going to be throw away cheapest possible options but at the same time should be affordable for design conscious shoppers.

My second criteria that I always strive for is to choose objects with timeless appeal. Something you will not have to change every few seasons – this is not my ethos. I like investing in pieces I will love and will want to keep for as long as possible. Choosing existing classics and looking for potential future ones is what I am trying to do. The shortlist I created here includes a variety of styles and brands: some up and coming British makers, some design classics, some Nordic minimalist styles and more glamorous choices, but they all follow the same two principles.



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