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JWDA Table Lamp by MENU – The One Lamp Every Home Needs

About a year ago I set out to search for a table lamp for my bedroom. I have a sideboard along one of the walls and was fixated to place an oversized lamp there to create drama. So how did I end up with a small and minimalistic JWDA?


Inspired by traditional oil lamps, the lamp was designed by Stockholm-based designer Jonas Wagell for one of my favourite Scandinavian brands MENU.

This light does not shout “Look at me!” but it does possess timeless quality of a future classic. The simple rounded shape of an opal glass and a sturdy base made of a combination of two natural materials, be it marble, concrete or metal (mine is in brass), make it fit perfectly into any context – a bedside table, a desk, a sideboard or on bookshelves. Jonas explains his design philosophy: “I want to create products that can be used every day and become part of people’s lives.”

In practical terms, what makes it so perfect is the lamp’s quality of light. The manual dimmer on the base of the lamp can regulate the intensity of light and suit your mood and situation. When I was buying the lamp, I kind of knew it had a dimmer but didn’t test it before buying, so didn’t realise what a great feature it is. It really does create an atmosphere similar to a candle or an oil lamp. This makes it perfect for a bedroom setting or to cosy up on a sofa in the living room. That is why I think it’s a perfect lamp for any home.

You can buy JWDA table lamp here. I checked and it is on special offer at the moment on this website!



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