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Prettiest Christmas Decorations By Walther & Co

I have a confession to make – I am not that bothered about Christmas. I am feeling slightly nervous though admitting this in the midst of all the festive preparations. Don’t get me wrong, I do get a little bit excited in the run up, setting the table on Christmas day and opening presents with the kids, but after the festivities are finished, I am quite glad to put all the decorations back into their boxes, sweep up drying Christmas tree needles off the floor and return the house back to normal again. But this was until I discovered Christmas decorations, which I promise, you will want to have on display all year round!

I am talking of course about ethereal creations by Danish brand Walther & Co. The brand is a creation by Birgitte Herrig, who named the company after her grand father who travelled a lot in Indonesia and India and always brought back exciting and special objects. This has inspired her to mix Nordic traditions and Asian mystery in a both nostalgic and contemporary design.

Waltherco 8

Birgitte has always worked with different materials and techniques and seeks inspiration everywhere: during a walk in the forest, visiting a flea market or talking to interesting people. She also travels a lot – to India, Morocco and Turkey where traditional arts and crafts are still practised.

In Walther & Co’s Christmas collection natural materials in shades of grey, violet and brown create a timeless lightness. Pearls, buttons, little bells, fabrics, candlesticks and pillows invite you to mix and match all items to create your own personal style: Modern bohemian, ethnic global or classic with a modern twist.

Waltherco 2

The meticulous embroideries, prints, carvings, braidings and joinings all have a unique finish which unites centuries of traditions with modern design. Every detail in Walther & Co’s Christmas collection has passed through the hands of skilled craftsmen. The little differences from being handmade give every item personality and life.

Materials, such as transparent organza, frosted mother-of-pearl and gossamer filament mix well with rustic zinc, golden brass and delicate mouth blown glass. The materials are bent, braided and folded to form hearts, angels, stars, leaves, acorns, birds, etc.

You can buy Walther & Co decorations online here.

Or, if you want to browse the collection in person, head to Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden, which not only has a good selection of Walther & Co decorations but also is a wonderful shop to visit at any time of the year with lots of amazing gift ideas, beautiful ceramics, pots and plants.


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