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Create Your Dream Home – Design Masterclass with Abigail Ahern

In this masterclass based in her house, Abigail shares her insider knowledge, decorating secrets and tips and tricks of the trade that will enable you to create seductively stylish places overflowing with personality. Take away oodles of inspiration, pick Abigail’s brains and discover all you need to know to create your dream home.

Abigail Ahern 2

I had the pleasure of attending this masterclass myself a few years ago and it was definitely a design highlight of the year for me. Just to visit and nose around her house was worth the money in my opinion but of course you also got a day packed with useful information, socialising with like minded people and a delicious lunch.

Abigail Ahern 3

Apart from sitting and taking notes in the classroom Abigail also took us on a tour around her house stopping in every room and explaining the principles of her design and how she customised this or another object, how she bought something at a thrift shop for next to nothing but combined with more expensive pieces it looked fabulous or how she gave a new lease of life to an old sideboard by having it spray painted at a local garage.

Masterclass itinerary included such such topics as breaking the rules, styling every room, finishing touches, decoding colour and design on a shoe string. You can check out full itinerary here.

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After an intense day of learning, exploring and taking in the surroundings you will have a chance to catch a lift to Abigail’s shop in Islington.

At this time of the year, just a few weeks before Christmas, I thought I’d share this with you. I personally try to get away from physical presents and more and more like the idea of gifting experiences – trips, eating out, education. Visual experiences like this one are definitely going to be welcomed and appreciated as a special and thoughtful gift that will be remembered for a long time.

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You can purchase the masterclass or masterclass gift card here.







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