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Trend Alert: Seashell Inspired Designs

Organic but intricate forms of sea creatures is a great source of inspiration for home decor. Reminiscent of art deco designs today seashell motifs in furniture and accessories are as popular as ever.

Here is a selection of my favourites.


Eichholtz Sofa Messina

Eicholtz shell sofa

This elegant sofa is inspired by the sumptuous sculptural silhouettes of Art Deco armchairs.


Feather chair and bed, Anthropologie

anthropologie shell chair

This collection is a result of Anthopologie’s collaboration with a Welsh designer Bethan Gray. The award-winning designer ‘s love of detail, texture, and luxury defines her signature style. In this collaboration, she embraces both sleekly geometric and fascinatingly biomorphic silhouettes and endows them with an eclectic, yet modern touch – the result is a glamorous, head-turning collection.

Anthropologie shell bed

This Art Deco inspired shape of arm chairs and sofas is very popular at the moment and you will be able, no doubt, to find multiple variation on the theme by different brands. Although this one is called feather, to me it also looks very much like a shell. This particular chair and bed design is quite simple and stream lined not to detract from the main silhouette.

You can find similar designs by Graham&Green, Oliver Bonas and others.


Gubi shell lamp

Seashell Gubi 2

Paavo Tynell’s fanciful take on nature is gracefully echoed in the 5321 Table Lamp, designed by the Finnish designer in 1938. Under the distinctive shell-inspired brass shade, the bulb subtly appears from beneath; a picturesque detail resembling the desirable sea shell pearl and making the 5321 Table Lamp a perfect example on how Tynell brought a playful nature and romance to the simplified style of mid-century modernism.

Blending timeless aesthetic with a unique sense of form, the 5321 Table Lamp adds an exquisite character to complement any modern space. Both decorative and functional, the lamp is a balance of elegance and curiosity, providing a design that is at once subtle and surprising.


Sherlock lamp, Loaf

Loaf Sherlock lamp

A new design from Loaf on the same theme.


Ferm Living – Shell vase

Ferm Living have come up with a number of interesting shell inspired designs.

Ferm Living Shell Pot 2

Filled with your favourite flowers or by its own, this pot shaped like a nautilus shell merges natural shapes with contemporary design. With a matte outside and glazed inside, it adds delicate detail to any room, simple and sculptural all at once.



Ferm Living Shell Rug

Ferm Living Sea Shell Rug 1

In the shape of some of the most marvellous wonders and creatures of the sea (this collection includes a shell, a sea horse and a fish), these tufted rugs can either be hung on a wall or placed on the floor. Whichever way you use them, they will leave their nautical mark on the kids’ room. Tufted by hand, the varying pile height creates a dynamic expression in the thick and cute rug.

Ferm Living Shell Rug


Katie Scott wallpaper for Ferm Living

Ferm Living Shell wallpaper 1

With her usual stunning richness in detail, the British illustrator Katie Scott has created three designs of wallpaper for Ferm Living. Whether her subject has been shells, trees, or animals, the wallpapers display a breathtaking representation of both the animal and botanical kingdom.

Ferm Living Shell wallpaper


Seashell collection, Hay

Hay shell

Danish design brand Hay has created a wonderful collection of seashell inspired decorative glass dishes. They haven’t made them easy to find though. Available on a couple of European shopping websites, they cannot be delivered to the UK. I spotted them in Hay shop in Bath. They are absolutely beautiful. You can try calling the store in Bath and order one over the phone.

Hay shell 1

Hay shell 2

Los objetos decorativos sea shell ceramics

los objetos decorativos

Rosa Rubio is the brains behind Los Objetos Decorativos, the Barcelona-based studio. Her colourful ceramic shell vases and boxes have taken Instagram by storm, gaining a cult following among influencers and design lovers-alike. With Los Objetos Decorativos, Rubio has designed a collection of home décor objects, concentrating on organic forms, delicate muted tones and various materials, textures and sensations. If you’re on the hunt for original and elegant decorative pottery, the pieces from Los Objetos Decorativos are sure to take your fancy.

Octaevo Shell Vase Pink

OCtavaevo shell-vase

Octavio shell-vase

Octaevo is a Mediterranean inspired Barcelona based brand, creating refined products for the desk and home.

Made of special water-resistant paper,  this handcrafted flower vase is a tribute to the ancient and sophisticated art of ceramics. Use this eye-catching vase to adorn your desk or dining table, or as a thoughtful and original gift.


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