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Danish Brand HAY: 12 Essentials Every Home Needs

On my recent trip to Bath I stumbled across HAY shop and of course couldn’t go past it. I have never seen the whole shop full of HAY products before and subsequently was surprised to find out that their Bath store is the only one in the country. I wonder why there isn’t one in London – a shame, Bath is a bit far to travel to otherwise I would be a frequent visitor.

Hay flower pot 1

HAY is one of those several Scandinavian brands I go to whenever I am looking for something for my home. Apart from their contemporary non-pretentious furniture and lighting design (it’s so much more difficult to create something simple but perfect), what I like about them is the fact that they take essential objects in our household, the ones we’d rather keep out of site, like a kitchen sponge, a dish cloth or a tooth brush and make that look beautiful.

Another big positive for me – they claim that one of their fundamental goals is to make good design accessible to the largest possible audience. I can’t argue with that, their prices are affordable.

Today in this post I would like to focus on those essential, useful but overlooked by so many everyday objects in our homes. I have selected a few items that I am sure any home uses daily or could benefit from. A few items I added are probably not essential but I just really like them! Like those traditional Italian metal ice-cream cups.

For a few years now I have been a loyal follower of Marie Condo tidying method and her main idea – surround yourself only with the things you love, although so simple and seemingly obvious, was an eye opener and makes total sense. Well, with Hay collection you don’t have to put up with any ugly and unloved household item, be it a bin or a rolling pin.



A little bit about each product and the reasons I love them:

  1. Shopping bag – Strong enough to carry grocery shopping and spacious enough for a weekend away, HAY’s Shopping Bag is a useful and versatile everyday item. Crafted in durable and lightweight recyclable polypropylene, it is available in two sizes in plain colours or with a two-tone design. For style conscious, so much better than a supermarket carrier bag.
  2. HAY’s Pirouette Cup and Saucer are made in clear glass and feature an all-over swirling ribbed pattern. It might be just me, but despite a huge variety of coffee and tea mugs on the market, I really can’t find the ones I would want to buy. This one is a different matter though, love the ribbed design!
  3. Perforated bin – Made in perforated iron, HAY’s multifunctional Perforated Bin can be used for storing a variety of items, such as office waste, laundry, umbrellas and many more.
  4. Colour Crate – Multifunctional plastic crate with ventilated and stackable design in a variety of different colours and sizes. A great design for so many uses and perfect for kids’ rooms.
  5.  Enamel – Crafted in lightweight and durable enamel, HAY’s Enamel collection comprises an extensive series of everyday plates, dishes and kitchenware. Featuring a distinctive speckled design on a contrasting background, it is available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. I would also add that it would work really well for outdoor dinning and barbecues – a more durable and stylish alternative to plastic.
  6. Stone Rolling Pin – Rolling pin cut to the functional bone – no-nonsense functionality in green stone with marbled effect. While not the most frequently used utensil in my kitchen, I crave everything made of natural stone, if not to use, then at least for display purposes. An inexpensive way to add this material to a kitchen.
  7. Dish Drainer – A trio of functional designs for draining the dishes, Shane Schneck’s Dish Drainer comprises a ridged melamine tray, steel plate rack and silicone cutlery holder. Unlike the rolling pin, this item is essential for every kitchen. What I like about this one, is that it’s not bulky at all compared to other choices on the market. With the use of the dishwasher, you only really need a small one and something that wouldn’t dominate your sink area. The one we are using at the moment easily gets mouldy, so I am planning to give this a go next time. The contrasting shapes, materials and colours add visual interest to this everyday kitchen essential.
  8. Watering Can – With a clean, handle-free design and elongated spout for easy watering, Shane Schneck’s Watering Can is a durable and timeless object with interesting design proportions. Made in weatherproof plastic in different colour options. With indoor plants being so fashionable at the moment a small watering can is also becoming an essential. I am definitely buying this one and I am also planning to make watering plants my son’s first chore. Hope his enthusiasm doesn’t evaporate after just one day.
  9. Italian Ice Cup is crafted in stainless steel with a stem and rounded bowl that are ideal for scoops of ice cream or other desserts. This traditional design reminds me so much of ice cream parlours from my childhood, so their sentimental value got them on this list!
  10. PC Table Lamp – Pierre Charpin’s PC Table Lamps is a collection of refined freestanding tabletop lamps. The lamps are constructed in anodised aluminium, which makes the surface more resistant to corrosion. The light source is hidden from view by a removable polycarbonate moulded diffuser, creating both a soft directional downlight effect and determining the form of the lamp itself. Because they are cordless, they can also be used outdoors on a summery night.
  11.  Mono blanket – Crafted in soft, pure wool, HAY’s Mono Blanket features a twill structure that creates distinctive diagonal woven lines. The blanket is available in a variety of colour options. A good blanket is an absolute essential in every home. I use mine on a daily basis even in summer. These are such a great combination of high quality and affordable price.
  12. Everyday scissors for everyday purposes with a matt finish in brass or black metal. I bought these some time ago because I needed another pair of scissors and when I saw them I really liked the look. Now I can’t put them away so they are on permanent display on a golden tray among other decorative objects.


A small number of links in this post are affiliate links, but all of the opinions are mine!

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