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Tour This Contemporary Home Set In Idyllic Woodland Location Near Helsinki

This impressive contemporary new build in amazing woodland location 35 minutes from Helsinki is home to Tuuli and her family. A house in the middle of the forest with a vegetable garden next to it is a home of my childhood dreams, so when I saw this house I couldn’t resist to see and find out more.


Could you tell me a few words about yourself?

I am an art teacher by education, but also studied marketing at the university.  My occupation is related to marketing, but interior design has been one of my passions since the early age. I see myself as artistic and visual person. I really enjoy doing ceramics and visual arts during my spare time.


Could you tell me a little bit about the house? How did you come up with its’ design? 

Before this house, me and my husband had designed a few houses on paper and also had bought a plot near to our current house. We used to live in a traditional wooden house also located near to a forest. Although we were happy with the surroundings of that house, we were dreaming of a modern, simplistic home.


After finding this beautiful plot next to a pine forest and a small lake, we were totally excited and sold the plot we had earlier bought. We also found an architect who’s design concept felt like a good match with our ambitions. The architect had earlier designed modern summerhouses in Finland of a similar design and style. Instead of using wood as a building material (which is a traditional material for houses in Finland), we chose to build with concrete elements.



There are 3 bedrooms, an open plan living, kitchen and dining area, a large tv room, 2 bathrooms, sauna, laundry room and a storage in the house. Altogether 250 square meters. We have two large outdoor terraces on both floors for outside cooking and relaxing.


The location of the house is very interesting, it seems to be in the middle of the woods – such a beautiful position! And a vegetable garden – are you interested in growing your own fruit and vegetables?

The house is situated in a small village in the Southern Finland close to large forest areas. Neighbourhood is newly built with large plots and just nearby, there is an area with cozy, picturesque summerhouses from 1950’s-1970’s.


We really love the location of our house in the middle of woods since we like to spend time outdoors and in the forest picking berries and mushrooms (like most of the Finns! 😊).


Gardening has been important for me for many years, but lately my interest has grown into growing my own vegetables and berries, like blueberries, blackcurrants and raspberries. That’s something I want my kids to learn as well, that food does not come from the grocery stores, it can be grown in your own backyard or even terrace.


How would you describe your interior decorating style? What are your favourite homeware brands and where do you like to source your furniture and accessories? 

My interior decoration style is quite minimalistic and quality materials are important for me. I would rather buy furniture that lasts decades instead of buying something ”too trendy” for just a couple of years.



I adore Danish design classics like the Wishbone chair and the AJ lamp. But our interior decoration is a mix of furniture / interior decoration items from different brands like Bo concept, Carl Hansen, Fogia, Cane-Line, Sits, Hay and Vitra. To avoid having a feeling of living in an design store, I like to spice up the decoration with hand-made ceramics and pieces of art. I like to use warm tones and wood in the decoration for a cozy feeling. Although I like black and white Scandinavian interiors, I feel that they are not for me.


Nowadays I buy decoration items mainly from the web, but I like to visit design shops during holiday trips for instance in Denmark & Sweden.


What is your favourite place in the house?

My favourite place in the house is our upstairs terrace even though it can be used only for a limited time period from spring to late autumn due to cold weather during winter time in Finland. I love to have my morning coffee outside in the terrace listening to birds singing and trying to see a glimpse of the lake between the woods.


And finally, something about future plans. Any new purchases or redecorations you are planning for this year?

When it comes to future plan of purchases: I will travel to Aarhus, Denmark to look for sofas for our downstairs TV room space. It sounds arrogant, but we haven’t found a single sofa that feels like a right match for a 50 square meter space from the retailers in Finland. But you know how it can be, sometimes you have to make an effort to get something you really want to have, right! 😁”


Instagram: @_by_tuuli

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