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Best Statement Chandeliers on a Budget

In my opinion great lighting is worth splashing out on – especially a centrepiece chandelier. It’s like shoes or a handbag in an outfit. You can spend more money on a show stopping item of lighting and then save on other pieces. The eye will be drawn to it and the overall look will be finished and expensive. With a chandelier, in my opinion, the bigger the better, ceiling height allowing of course. There is nothing worse than a lamp too small for the room hanging lonely in the middle of the ceiling. Fortunately, there is no shortage of oversized designs that are very much a trend at the moment. Finding one on a limited budget is another thing!

If I had unlimited funds I’d probably go for amazing mid century Italian designs like Venini or Stilnovo. But what options are open to us if we can’t afford these classics or expensive contemporary designers?

I decided to have a look around and see what can be found on a more modest budget. Unfortunately a large centrepiece chandelier is unlikely to be a complete bargain and would still be an investment on any level. But if there are going to be only a few most important purchases for your house, I think a chandelier should be one of them. My main principle when researching the lights for this post was to keep well within £1,000 and in most cases around £500 and below.

Here is what I have found.

West Elm

West Elm’s sphere chandeliers are great if you want to go for size and create as much impact as possible with your chandelier. The good thing also is that they make them in a variety of sizes to fit different rooms. They even have a small 2 light one for a hallway. They are also relatively affordable.


Sphere + Stem 3-Light Chandelier – Brass £329 / Sphere + Stem 7-Light Chandelier – Brass £499 / Sphere + Stem 6-Light Chandelier – Brass £499Hayes Linear Chandelier £399 / Champignon Chandelier £499


I really like Starsky chandelier and have been considering it for my bedroom. It’s as close to vintage as it gets in my opinion and I am still deciding whether to wait around for the real thing or go for this one. It’s on much smaller scale and would suit more intimate spaces like a bedroom.


Starsky Chandelier £430 / Bow Tie 3 Arm Chandelier £310 / Orb Chandelier £435 

Abigail Ahern

Well, these are actually at the top end price wise but they are quite special (I find Todi particularly interesting), so I had to include them.


Marco Chandelier £700 / Todi Chandelier £780Amelia Chandelier £700


Manola chandelier by Swedish brand Herstal is available to buy through Nordic Nest website. I think it is a really good value for money and could be become a centrepiece placed in a living room or over a dining table and its’ clean lines would suit more minimalist, contemporary, scandi interiors. The size is good for smaller rooms too.

january 21 herstal

Manola 12 Chandelier £347

Holloways of Ludlow

I live not far from one of Holloways of Ludlow shops and pop in there occasionally. They stock such a nice selection of lighting and homeware that it’s always a please to browse. Their online shop offers a huge range of lighting and I managed to find these that fit my brief.


Skye glass ribbon chandelier £612 (large) / Celestial chandelier £555.90 / Celestial chandelier £611.15

Nordic Nest

Dahl chandelier looks a bit like Manola but I also like its’ randomness and it’s available a variety of metals – brass, chrome, copper and black.

Chandelier Random

Dahl random chandelier £253


Heal’s are also still running a 15% discount and I think this design combining bronze, black and white round bulbs looks really great and remind me so much of Stilnovo lights!

january 21 heals 1

Balance multi arm chandelier black £399


Scandinavian brand Menu offers a selection of timeless designs through their collaborations with a number of prominent designers and architects. Some items are more expensive but some are actually quite affordable like this Franklin chandelier available on online shop at £30% discount. I would also see how it would look with white bulbs instead of clear ones for a less industrial look. The shape would look good positioned low in the corner of a room rather than the middle.

january 21 menu 1

Franklin chandelier pendant £349.97

Graham and Green

On Graham and Green website I found another variation on the mid-century theme of oversized opal globes.


Columbus pendant £560 / Columbo pendant £350

Jonathan Adler

Now, Jonathan Adler chandeliers would normally be definitely out of my price range and sadly it probably still is, but with the current discount it costs £697 instead of £1,395, so for some of you it might be of interest. As well as good price, it is also an amazing design, like nothing else out there.

Globo Demilune Pendant £697

The White Company

Another good option for those with a more classic taste. I like its’ delicate cylinder glass drops.

blog january 22 white company

Helston chandelier large ceiling light £425


And this one is quite a revelation and a discovery made thanks to lovely Caz from Beetle and Wilde. On her Instagram I noticed a photo of her bedroom with Hol chandelier that looked amazing. I thought it was a vintage or a really expensive piece. I couldn’t believe it was from BHS. This is definitely a bargain! If, like in my house, your ceiling is not heigh enough for this chandelier, I have found a couple of alternatives for a similar price.


Hol ceiling pendant £200 / Doral ceiling light £190 / Avanti chandelier £90


If like me you are a fan of Venini, the bad news is that I don’t know anywhere where you could buy cheap Venini. But Etsy would be a good place to look at original vintage items. To my surprise there is a good selection of vintage Murano chandeliers at affordable prices. Obviously they are all one offs and selection will be constantly changing but below I have chosen a few lights to show you what you could get in the range of £300 – £500.


I hope this post will make your search for the right lighting for your home a lot less painful and little bit more fun!




  1. What a beautiful and informative article on lighting!!!
    So good too to be given these alternative prices for a great effect. I really liked the Manola but I agree, you probably need to have that aesthetic in your home for it to look good. Whenever I go to West Elm I never find anything I like, same with Zara but somehow you and Nina seem to have a way of spotting things! Beautiful blog. Bravo!❤️

    • Thank you, really pleased you like it! Can you imagine, I just found your comment by accident with a whole bunch of other comments I never knew existed! Apparently I need to moderate and approve them and they all ended up in spam. I was wondering why nobody ever comments on anything!

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