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Top Finds From The Winter Sales

I can’t believe how time has flown over Christmas this year. Everything seemed to have been such a rush and now it’s almost mid January.

In the past few days I decided to explore if there are any good deals and bargains around as it looks like the sales are already coming to an end and there have been final reductions. So it’s a good time to have one last look and I am bringing you my capsule collection of finds. My main objective was to look for real bargains, massively discounted, but useful and beautiful and not something you would regret buying for the only reason of being cheap.

First of all, winter sales are really good for stocking up on next year’s Christmas supplies. You can get decorations at ridiculous prices! I found a bunch of really nice ones at West Elm, reduced to £1 from original prices of up to £19. Some of them don’t even look that Christmassy and I could use them to decorate my daughter’s room all year round, like that mini tapestry, which is actually bigger than you’d think.

Secondly, winter sales are also great for stocking up on presents, even as far ahead as next Christmas, especially smaller presents for friends and family.

Anthropologie is one of my favourites in this respect. They are known for their extensive choice of ceramics and other household items in bright floral, ethnic and quirky patterns. You can have a good rummage around and find some real bargains, like those canapé plates and a set of mugs below.

I also discovered Tala bulbs on sale at half price on their website. This is a really good price. If you have any bare bulbs in your home that were so fashionable a few years ago but you might not be in love with them any more, the matt white colour and unusual shape will make them look more like lamp shades rather than bare bulbs and will completely change the look from industrial to more sophisticated.

BOSC chair at this price is a real find. Its’ simple midcentury forms and a hint of minimal colour mean it will effortlessly fit into a contemporary home and will last a long time. And the huge discount makes it so much more affordable.

It’s good to note that Anthropologie’s flagship store in Regent street also has a large discounted items section that is open all year round.

Friendly Face Canapé Plate £2.95 was £10.00 | Set of 2 Poppy King & Queen Mugs £9.95 was £30.00 | Tala Oval Bulb £39.95 was £80.00 | BOSC Paleta Armchair  £389.95 was £1,298.00


If you need a large item of lighting or furniture for your home it makes sense waiting for the sales. Shops like Heal’s, Conran and others all run their seasonal reductions of around 10 – 15% on pretty much the whole selection. I popped into Heal’s a couple of days ago and found a few items reduced by a lot more – 30 – 40%. If you are on the look out for a floor lamp, there is quite a good selection at very good prices. I think Milton is my favourite.

Heal’s Mini Lounge Floor Lamp £209 was £349 | Curve Task Lamp £49 was £99 | Hayden Floor Lamp £195 was £279 | Milton Floor Lamp £179 was £299

Ferm Living

If you’ve been eyeing that special something from Ferm Living collection now is the time to go ahead and buy it. The item you are after might be in their sale at up to 50% off.

Below is a selection of what I’d put onto my wish list.

Cloud Bedding Rose – Adult now £40 |Tin Boxes – Marble (Set of 3) now£14.50 |Colour Block Bed Cover – Rose now £69.50 | Wire Basket – Mint – Medium now£31 | Quilt Cushion now£39.50 | Fruiticana Pear Roly Poly now £26.25

West Elm

And finally, my selection from West Elm. I decided to include Geo Shade Chandelier for you because it is such a good price and its’ elongated shape works so well over a dining table.

I have to say that the rest is pretty much my personal shopping list. I am currently on the hunt for a runner and Moroccan rug is what I’ve been planning to buy all along. This rug is a lot cheaper that the original Moroccan rugs I was looking at on Etsy. It’s on special offer at the moment which makes it even more attractive. I have also been looking for a tall mirror for my upstairs corridor and I discovered the choice out there is not huge. Frameless floor mirror is a little smaller than what I was hoping for but a great price and I realised looking at it in the store that even though this mirror is only 122cm long you can still see your full height through it. The arched mirror is still not cheap but it’s 180cm long and as I said the choice of full length mirror is pretty limited in my experience. There are vast numbers of round mirrors at the moment though, and I love and have them at home. But for getting dressed I would love to feel like I am in a fitting room and can see my outfit from all angles.

Fabric Geo Shade Chandelier £79.95 was £249 | Metal Framed Arched Floor Mirror £299 was £499 | Soul Wool Rug £139 was £199 | Frameless Floor Mirror £69.95 was £249

So, this is it for now. I am trying to make up my mind at the moment about the runner and the mirrors. Did you find anything you liked? If you spotted any incredible bargains, share with us, I am always curious to know.


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