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Must Have Pieces From MENU Collection

Danish brand Menu is well known for bringing to the market designs by contemporary talents from around the globe and Scandinavian masters whose work has stood the test of time. They have collaborated with such names as Norm Architects, Note Design Studio, Studiopepe to name a few. In their own words their obsession is creating clever solutions for modern living. They want to make beautiful objects for everyday use. The result is a collection unified by simple and functional Scandinavian look with strong aesthetic value. Wherever they can, they work locally with craftspeople around the world.

Their Autumn/Winter 2018 collection is out and I have made a selection of my must have pieces from among the new additions and older favourites.

Carrie LED Lamp

They beauty of the lamp is that, as name suggests, you can carry easily it anywhere. I imagine it working perfectly outdoors on a summer evening, on windowsill where it would be difficult otherwise to hide a cord or in a bathroom, like shown on the picture. Carrie LED Lamp supplies 10 hours of battery time.

Designed by Norm Architects


Pepe Marble Mirror

The design of Pepe Marble Mirror is iconic and the mirror is made to last a lifetime. Designers Studiopepe believe that a beautifully designed product should last almost forever. The updated version that is part of Autumn / Winter collection can be fixed to the wall, but I also really like this older table mirror. As you will see, like many others, I am a little bit obsessed with all things marble at the moment.

Designed by Studiopepe 



I love the simplicity and somewhat timeless museum quality of this piece. So versatile that it could be used in any space and for many purposes. It comes it three different shapes and sizes as well.

Designed by Norm Architects


JWDA Table Lamp, Marble

The updated version of the classic JWDA Table Lamp that comes in two new materials, white marble and bronzed brass, is 12% larger than the original.

I have an older smaller version of this lamp in bronze in my bedroom. I love it’s simple design, that was originally inspired by oil lamps, but simplified into a more contemporary shape. Dimmer switch built into the lamp adds a very useful functional detail.

Designed by Jonas Wagell


Troll Vase Amber

The idea behind Troll Vase started as a study of the properties of glass – examining how the intensity of colour changes depending on the thickness of the material. The result is a vase featuring a dynamic change of thickness throughout, from solid coloured base to thin transparent bubble-like top.

I love this vase for its strong and very smooth look and feel and availability of a variety of sizes that can be grouped together.

Designed by Andersen & Voll


Circular Bowl

The German designer Alexa Lixfeld engages in designing extraordinary items and to, “build an economy of the special”, as she phrases it herself. Circular Bowl is a great example of her work and how she can turn something as simple as a bowl into something spectacular. Circular Bowl is for colourful salads, beautiful fruits, still life displays or just as it is – a distinctive and decorative piece.

Designed by Alexa Lixfeld


Harbour Chair Upholstery/Steel Base

Harbour chair was designed specifically for Menu Space, new creative destination located in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn area. The brief was to create a chair that could suit a range of purposes from working to dining. At the moment I am particularly interested in office chairs that wouldn’t look like you usual bland and frankly ugly office chair but would still provide sufficient back and arm support suitable for a working day. I think upholstered version would soften up a home office interior even more and help it look less office like.

Designed by Norm Architects


Chambers Chandelier Tribeca

The Tribeca series is a mix of lamps, pendants and chandeliers, all inspired by the New York City glamour of the late 1930s. The name Tribeca refers to a very popular part of New York in lower West Manhattan, the triangle below Canal Street. The various shapes and designs in the Tribeca series were created in an inspiring creative process where Søren Rose travelled the States, searching for beautiful old lamps and reusable parts to create each unique piece.

In Chambers Tribeca chandelier I have found the living room chandelier I have been looking for. If you don’t have the luxury of high ceilings, like me, this chandelier is perfect as it can be hung quite high up, but will still have a huge impact due to its large diameter.


And lastly a project worth sharing…

PH House

In 2014 this villa, that was once a retreat for a famous lighting designer Poul Henningsen, who is often referred to in Denmark, simply, as PH, has suffered a devastating fire. Now, following extensive renovations by design firm Norm Architects the property has been revived and turned into a calm, elegant and minimalist home – a perfect backdrop to showcase designs by Menu in situ. For more images of the project go to Norm Architects website .



Are you a fan of Menu, like me? If you have your own favourite products by this brand, can you share with me which ones and why?

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