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Theo’s Room Makeover

Nearly three years ago we bought our three bedroom semi-detached 1930s house in a complete state of disrepair. And so the exciting project of turning an old ruin into a family home and my design dream (two things that quite often clash) began. However, because for me completing the look of each space is quite a long process I still feel that most of the rooms in my house, although going in the right direction, as not quite ready to be shown on this blog. I will start with the newest addition to the house and will save the rest for later.

We have recently completed a loft conversion project in our house. As we were quickly running out of space and lacked room to accommodate both children, grandmother and a study the only option was to build upwards, and after a few months of living on the building sight finally I was able to get on with the exciting part – decoration. Our son Theo was to move into one of the two newly created rooms.


The room is a relatively good size as kids rooms go but not huge – around 11 sq. meters. The greatest challenge in a kids room is to position furniture ergonomically and cram in as much storage as possible because a child needs to fit their whole life into one room.

My vision for his room was custom made built in furniture that would include  a long desk in front of the window spanning the length of the whole wall, a book case and a wardrobe. I really liked the look of birch ply wood. It also looks great when laminated which can be done in a variety of colours. Unfortunately when I received the quote I realised we need plan B. So we went to Ikea!

After playing around with different layouts we managed to come up with the solution which allowed us to fit as much storage as possible across one of the walls, including a chest of drawers, two wardrobes and a bookcase, which gave him more storage space than initially hoped. We used Stuva range, which originally came with plastic door knobs with coloured stickers. I replaced them with leather handles which created a much more sophisticated look. Luckily they are also available in Ikea.


As we weren’t able to create a custom made desk we had to look at ready made options. We turned to Ikea once again and I really like the desk we found there in dark blue called Alex. It has an in built cable tidy which is very handy and two drawers – the more storage the better!


Another storage opportunity was to place an Ikea (yet again!) metal sideboard next to his bed replacing his small bedside table he had in his old room. As well as storage it also provides useful work top space for books and other bits and pieces.

The map wallpaper you see on the wall was originally chosen for his old bedroom but it proved such a popular and useful feature that we had to get exactly the same one for his new bedroom. I looked at different options available on the market and went for exactly the same one again. It is a very good size and covers most of the wall. The level of detail is quite good for a child and it also has current political layout, not a vintage one. Since we got it we’ve been practicing learning about new countries, cities, islands and rivers and so it turned out to be quite a useful and fun learning tool too. We bought it on Ebay and it was actually one of the cheaper options.



On the walls we went for Pavilion grey, F&B, paint. In his previous room we used Modernist Grey by Fired Earth which I found a bit flat, so in this new space I was looking for a more complex tone but still keeping it quite light. A friend confidently recommended Pavilion Grey as the colour to use and trusting her opinion I just went for it. And I have to say I am very pleased with it. It is always scary painting over white undercoat as at first colour usually looks a few tones darker than it really is, but now I look at it and it definitely shouldn’t be any lighter.



The wolf print you see on the wall above the bed is from FY. I don’t normally buy a piece of art to fit a space, rather fall in love with it and then work out where it could go in my home. But here in a boy’s room I felt quite restricted by a boyish theme, colour scheme as I didn’t want it to clash with wallpaper, I didn’t want it to be too childish so it would last a long time and after choosing a few options we eventually settled on this picture of a wolf together with my son. I made sure that he participated and felt involved and loved the look of his room.

I have to admit though that I don’t give a full freedom of choice! For example, I don’t open a colour swatch book and ask him to choose a wall colour because he will probably go for bright green. I am not saying this is right, but this way hopefully we all end up with the result we enjoy. What is your opinion on this? 


The plan is to add some personal touch to  the room by printing out and framing a couple of photos, including this one. Theo created this composition from bits and pieces he found around him on our trip to the seaside. I really liked the result and took a picture. I hope it will look nice on the wall and will be something he made himself.


The lamp that I am planning to use as his desk lamp is this one from Hay. It should work quite well with the style of his room.


The loft looks so different compared to the older lower floors of the house. It has a bright airy modern and Scandi feel to it and I quite like the contrast. The main thing is Theo seems to be very happy with the result, we managed to fit everything he needs into his space without making it look crammed and hopefully the style of the room (I deliberately avoided stuff that is too childish) has some longevity and can easily be adapted without too many alterations as he grows older.


Other details seen in the room:

Bedside lamp – vintage Anglepoise purchased on Ebay

Stripy cushion cover and linen pillow case – H&M Home

Desk and desk chair and pin board – Ikea

Orange rocking chair – Eames from Aram store, bought quite a few years ago. A great sales deal bought half price. Didn’t even have children then, but looks great in our son’s room bringing this very bright splash of colour.

Metal Arrow light – made.com

What other things a boy might need in his room that we might have missed? 

Anya xx


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