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Best Reusable Coffee Cup That Also Looks Good

UPDATE: I wrote this post a while ago and since then I discovered that these gorgeous reusable coffee cups are now being sold in the UK in a number of online shops. For example, you can get one from Conran shop here. Read on the post below about the story behind these cups. 

I have finally come across a reusable coffee cup that is as eco friendly as it’s beautiful!

The disposable mugs we get with our take away coffee are non-recyclable, something I didn’t realise until recently. For a while now I have been meaning to be more organised about remembering to take one of the reusable mugs we keep at home but it rarely happens. A couple of days ago I had an e-mail from Waitrose in my inbox informing that they are starting to faze out their disposable coffee cups we get with free coffee. We will still be able to get free coffee, but will need to have our own cup with us. I totally agree with this new policy as I am sure it will bring much more positive results than just relying on voluntary choice.


Unfortunately the majority of reusable cups I have come across just don’t look good. But on the same day I heard the news from Waitrose, I read about the Australian “Huskeecup”, one of the most eco friendly and sustainable coffee cups made out of byproduct of coffee production industry – a discarded coffee husk. But not only that, they also managed to come up with a sophisticated and elegant design.


The Huskeecup that has only recently come to the market has already won a Good Design Award. Among its unique features are thermal properties that will keep your coffee hotter for longer. Its slim and grip-able form is not just a design feature – they protect your hands from heat. Huskeecup is durable and designed to last for years, and best of all – it’s dishwasher safe. It’s also BPA free which is a must for me and it’s stackable.




The cup ticks all the boxes and I was just about to order it when I realised that it is not available for international customers just yet. You can register your interest on their website though and they will get in touch when international delivery becomes available. Let’s hope we won’t have to wait long!


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