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Incredible Retail Spaces: Aesop Shops

The iconic Australian brand is world famous for its natural skincare products and instantly recognisable beautiful dark brown bottles with minimalist labels that grace pretty much every design conscious bathroom.

Their retail spaces are anything but plain though and do not share any common brand identity. With just over 100 stores across the world each branch is a uniquely designed space. Many of their stores are a result of collaboration with renowned and often local architects and interior designers.

Their Saint-Sulpice and Milan stores, were created in collaboration with Italian architects Dimore Studio. Both stores are in keeping with the culture of the neighbourhoods and are a mixture of classic and contemporary styles, something that Dimore studio can do so well.


Aesop Saint-Sulpice Paris



Aesop Milan

Miami Wynwood and Chicago West Loop stores were created in partnership with Mexico based architect Frida Escobedo, who has designed this year’s Serpentine Pavilion.


Aesop Wynwood Miami



Aesop West Loop Chicago



The Serpentine Pavilion 2018 in London’s Kensington Gardens, designed by architect Frida Escobedo

The branches are always designed with the consideration for the heritage and history of the location. On Aesop website you can read a few interesting facts about inspiration behind some of their most interesting projects.

For example in its largest store in Downtown Los Angeles the walls are lined with reclaimed cardboard tubing from fabric rolls discarded by the nearby fashion district.


Aesop Downtown LA

Aesop Petite Bourgogne, created in collaboration with Quebecois architect Alain Carle,  is inspired by the bygone jazz clubs that used to populate the neighbourhood.


Aesop Petite Bourgogne

Aesop Bondi Beach captures the distinctive spirit of an iconic location; its weathered textures, abundant light and simple, practical materials recalling that most quintessential of Australian imaginaries – the beach house. Designed by Cibi, the sun-drenched space was inspired by the wholesome sense of relaxation that characterises childhood seaside holidays.


Aesop Bondi Beach Australia

Nodding to the area’s Cuban and Spanish influence, Aesop Oxford Exchange in Tampa features a handcrafted Terracotta trough sink by Florida-based ceramic artist John Byrd.


Aesop Oxford Exchange Tampa.

I remember how I went to see their Covent Garden branch for the first time and I was so amazed by the interior – a combination of smooth creamy plaster and grass green moroccan tiles. By the way, I later found out that these tiles were supplied by Marrakech Design – the website you must check out if you are considering tiles for your interior, as their tiles are all amazing and you can get a lot of inspiration from there.


Aesop Covent Garden

In an interview with Wallpaper magazine Aesop’s creative director, Marsha Meredith explains their unconventional approach: “Our desire to create uncluttered, harmonious environments is driven from architectural sensibilities, and a notion that rejects the sameness of globalisation and retail norms. This work speaks for us, and perhaps could be considered a form of advertising. Our clients respect us for rejecting more commercial avenues.”

I would think at some point Aesop will publish an interior design book of their spaces. In the meantime I have made this compilation of their most interesting interiors.

Their Instagram feed is also a great source of inspiration.

Which one is your favourite?


Aesop Duke of York Square



Aesop Emporium Australia



Aesop Lille



Aesop Berlin-Mitte



Aesop Bauernmarkt Vienna



Aesop Lausanne



Aesop Ion Singapore



Aesop Samcheong Seoul


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