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10 Most Inspirational Instagram Accounts

As this is one of the first blogs I am posting on this website I thought I’d share Instagram accounts that really inspire me for one or another reason to give an idea about styles I love and what makes me tick in the design world. There is a lot of inspiration out there and this list is by no means complete. I am listing them here in no particular order of importance as they are so different and there are various reasons why I have chosen them. I hope you will find this post fun!




If you were to ask me about my number one favourite designer this would be the first name that would spring to mind and that’s probably why I instinctively put them at the top of this list.

When I came across the work of Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran – the duo behind Milan based design studio for the first time a few years ago and saw images of their gallery on Pinterest I thought I’d gone to heaven! Their style is just so out of this world. The way they mix reclaimed pieces with custom made furniture and lighting, the way they use unexpected colours and patterns without following any design trends is a work of genius.

Their website states: “DIMORESTUDIO interprets memories and creates dreams. DIMORESTUDIO crosses the boundaries between art and design, fashion and architecture” – this sums it up so well. So understandably every image they post on their feed is a feast for the eyes. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. If you like what you see, check out also Fendi Palazzo Prive on Pinterest.




Superfront is Swedish brand that produces fronts, tops, handles and legs for Ikea Besta and Method ranges. The selection of colours, patterns and finishes is extensive and allows you to create a designer looking piece of furniture on a budget. I myself have bought from them a couple of times: to create a sideboard for my bedroom with the Besta base unit and I also bought copper handles for my built in wardrobes. Their metals are really good as with age they develop a nice patina rather than remaining shiny like cheaper finishes do.

Unlike other favourite brands that I’ve included into this post that are totally aspirational and I would unlikely be able to afford any time soon, this is something for a mass market yet with so many options to mix and match everyone should be able to create an individual piece. Their feed gives lots of ideas of what’s possible.

I am planning to order from them again in the near future as I need a unit for my living room. I will do a post later to show you the pieces I’ve got in my home and to tell more about this cool brand.




As one of my favourite brands this Danish design company can do no wrong in my eyes, that is why following their Instagram feed is always a pleasure. Unfortunately they still remain out of my price range but one can live in hope. Their whole collection can go onto my wish list.

Their Instagram account states: “Design company dedicated to celebrating the luxury of living life. Designs that combine the past and the present to evolve” – that is truly so. Their designs effortlessly combine simplicity, usability and beauty which makes them timeless.




Yet another exciting Milan based design duo Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto. I am a bit obsessed with blush, nude and rose tones in interiors at the moment and they are abundant in their work right now.

Their Instagram feed is full of not just images of their designs, but also sculpture, interesting shots of architecture, old photos and oddities which all makes for entertaining viewing.




The studio founded by Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson in 2012  is among my all time favourites. Their lighting and objects designs are incredible and are bound to become design classics.

Their Instagram account showcases beautiful photos of their work on their own and in situ, as well as some unrelated to work lifestyle shots which give a glimpse of creative minds of the designers.




As you might have noticed most of my favourite feeds belong to brands or designers, because I like their specific style. Following feeds of a major design magazine gives a chance to be exposed to a variety of styles, subjects and eras. Apart from being fun I also find it quite educational.




I have discovered this name relatively recently, actually when I came across his Instagram account and it immediately attracted my attention.

As you might have noticed the style is different from what I normally go for but I love drawing inspiration from different sources.

I found his photos of interiors as well as architecture and nature with their muted and moody palette so incredibly timeless, calming, peaceful and yet quite dramatic.  A visit to the gallery is on my to do list next time I go to Copenhagen.




I subscribe to two magazines – Living Etc, which was the first one, and Elle Decoration. Over time I think my taste has been evolving and I think now Elle is closer to me in style, although I still like both.

Do you subscribe to any magazines? Or is it all digital for you now?




This is an Instagram account of Emiliano Salci – one half of duo behind Studio Dimore. These are more personal photos. Most of them are not a thing of beauty but rather a collection of weird, curious, vintage and sometimes somewhat disturbing images. I admire what these designers do professionally and therefore their thoughts, imagery and inspirations behind their creative minds is fascinating to uncover.




Abigail Ahern is an advocate of her very distinctive style of dark and moody interiors. A few years ago I did her Interior Design course that she runs from her East London house and had the pleasure of seeing the interiors that feature in all her photos with my own eyes. This inspired me to paint my own bedroom F&B Downpipe grey which I am sure is not dark enough for Abigail but my husband was shocked when he first saw it and demanded an immediate makeover. He did get used to it eventually and seems quite happy with it now. I will do a separate post on my bedroom a little later, it still needs a few tweaks.

Anyway, now, whenever I need my fix of interior darkness I turn to Abigail Ahern. 


So, this is all for now. I have many more Instagram accounts that I follow and enjoy but these are the ones that I find really special right now. I am sure the list can grow or change even daily depending on the mood of the moment. 

What are your favourite Instagram accounts? What do you enjoy looking at and get inspired by? Maybe there is something I haven’t yet discovered and you could share with me?

Anya xx

Featured image: Dimore Gallery, Milan, featured in AD Magazine, France




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