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5 Best West End Shops to Visit During Sales

The sales are nearing the end by now, so I’ve made a trip into London to have a quick look around my favourite shops in the West End to see if there are still bargains to be made.

I usually try to get to the sales twice – right at the beginning in the hope that the item I really wanted or needed is on sale and still available. It makes sense (if you can wait) to save buying bigger furniture pieces or lighting for the sales as most shops have special offers on their permanent collections. And I also always try to have one last look right at the end of the sales when everything had been marked down for the last time and you can discover some unexpected finds. Smaller items, accessories are the ones to look out for.

However, I always try to remind myself, no matter how tempted I am, never to buy stuff just because it’s cheap. I always try to make sure that all items I place in my home are carefully curated and normally avoid spur of the moment purchases. So even for the sales I have a list of things I need and try to stick to it avoiding buying things I already have and that would create clutter. The phrase I read a while ago on the internet is my motto while shopping the sales: “You could save up to as much as 100% if you don’t buy it”.

H&M Home


Most budget friendly out of the list the brand presents extensive, affordable and on trend collection of home accessories. What I like about the brand is a very good use of contemporary colours. I particularly like their velvet cushion covers made out of 100% cotton. I have bought a few. I recently bought a new sofa and initially planned to save up and buy Hay velvet cushions like these:


Buy I looked at my existing ones and realised that with two small kids in the house I should stick to H&M and at £ 6.99 I can easily replace them and not worry about stains.

So, luckily for me some velvet cushion covers in just the right colours were available on sale! I bought a couple and also bought this cute little tray made out of real leather. It is not on sale but I needed it for a window sill in the hallway to store stuff like keys.


Generally, when shopping budget brands I tend to stick to natural materials and simple basics rather then centrepieces. Fortunately, H&M seems to use quite a few natural materials, like this real leather piece, straw, velvet, pure linen for table cloths and bed sheets (bought before and happy with them). I did not buy the bronze pot in the photo as this is one those items I think might give away its’ price tag.



As you can see, it also has quite a few summery items on sale, like seat cushions in tropical colours below and picnic wear – something worth buying for the next year as well as the rest of this season. I have bought these cushions before but in simple colours and I think they are a really good, neat shape compared to other choices I’ve seen on the market.


I have worked out the most efficient plan to visit all five of my shops making my way back to Charing Cross station and my next destination was the opposite end of the spectrum – Liberty. This is one of my favourite shops in the world and a complete feast for the eyes. Surprisingly though, in the past during sales season you can find real bargains here from high quality expensive brands.

My eye was drawn to this set of bronze trays. It looks different from the bronze finish you usually see among budget products, with bronze being so popular at the moment, and I would expect them to acquire beautiful patination as they age.


Also, Liberty fabrics were discounted and you could get a really good price on meter pieces, as well as fabrics in rolls. Small prints are having a big come back at the moment as seen in Kettner’s Townhouse by Soho house.



I was most attracted to this colour and pattern though. Just need to decide where I could use it.



A short walk from Liberty was my next stop – Anthropologie. Whenever I am in town I make sure to come and browse this shop, known for its’ colourful collections and beautifully arranged displays.


The flagship store in Regent street is by far the largest and has a good permanent sales section. At the moment the choice of sales items on offer are much broader of course. They usually do quite good sales and there is always something interesting to discover. Another bonus is that they often have 20% off on top of the sales prices.

I would have a closer look at their dinnerware and kitchenware as they always have a good selection as well as a nice selection of cushions.





Arket has two shops in London – one in Regent street, opposite Liberty and one in Covent Garden. For some reason I am more used to the one in Covent Garden, perhaps because it’s quieter there and I prefer the layout. So that’s where I headed after Anthropologie – a short and pleasant walk through Soho.

Usually, when I am in Soho, I make sure to stop off for a quick lunch or coffee in one of my favourite cafes Princi in Wardour street. Their display of deserts is amazing.

Arket has opened relatively recently and has immediately become one of my “go to” places. Primarily a clothes shop, it has a really nicely curated minimalist Scandi selection of homeware.


It currently has a small selection of sales items. The items I particularly like and looked at before they went on sale are this large dark blue dish and a simple white vase.


Petersham Nurseries

From Arket it’s a one minute walk to Petersham Nurseries – another recent addition to Covent Garden. I have known and loved Petersham nurseries for quite a few years now and visited their Richmond location whenever could. Now it’s much easier to come and enjoy their new shop in Central London, however their Richmond branch is still quite special and is worth a trip.

This is an amazing shop and the one I love to browse in search of inspiration. It is probably one of the most photographed shops I have ever seen.


I was surprised to see that they didn’t really have a sale as such apart from a couple of items. Nevertheless I still decided to keep it in my list as the photos are worth showing. Also, their products range from really expensive items like Astier De Villate tableware which I love but probably would never be able to afford and antique furniture to very affordable ones, including very reasonably priced glassware and plant pots.





So, to summarise my experience, I can say as always it has been a pleasure to have a browse in my favourite shops. With regards to the sales, I have to be honest, I found selections a bit limited, maybe because sales are coming to an end and maybe because summer sales are not as much a big deal. Looking forward to discovering new collections now.

Did you manage to find any good bargains in this sales? What did you get?

Anya xx

All words and opinions in this post are mine and have not been sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in the post.

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