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Welcome to Design Collection Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! After a long break I have finally decided to return to blogging. I had an interior design blog a few years ago but life got too busy and I had to put it on hold. At some point I am hoping to add the archive of my old posts to this blog.

I am planning to fill this blog with all things that inspire me about interior design – new shops, new brands, design classics, favourite products, sales, house tours and my own renovation project.

But I particularly would like to focus on helping you source furniture and home accessories. How often has it happened to you (it happens to me all the time when I browse Pinterest), that you spot something you really like but then you can never find a link or a reference to what it is? I come across lots of reposts of the photos, and then just go in circles trying to figure out what it is and where to buy it. I find it so frustrating! Especially as I am so particular about what I want. Something similar won’t do, it has to be exactly that one!

In this blog I will try to provide references to where a particular piece of furniture or an accessory came from wherever possible. I do understand that in a real home interior it is not always possible to provide information on every single object.

I plan to create a monthly category where I will provide help sourcing specific products and give a number of options. I would like you to message me your shopping dilemmas and I will devote a post to that piece of furniture or accessory. If you know of better choices or something I have’t thought about, you will be able to add your own recommendations or suggestions in the comments. I hope this exchange of ideas and information will be helpful to everybody.

So, I hope you enjoy my blog and you will hear from me soon. Your feedback and comments are welcome as long as they are all positive!

Anya xx

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