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Lamb’s Conduit Street

Today I had a chance to have a quick stroll along Lamb’s Conduit street, one of my favourite shopping spots in London. I don’t come here often, it’s a bit out of the way from the main shopping destinations, not far from Russel Square. But whenever I am in the area and most often it’s to take my son to nearby Corum Fields playground I make sure I have a little look around. This little street is like an oasis with not much else in the proximity and is filled with interest. Our first stop was People’s Supermarket, where they were preparing lunch of some hot dishes, salads and a selection of sandwiches which we got for our picnic, very tasty with good bread – a great store full of organic and local produce. Then I had a quick look around a few design shops. I always make sure I stop off at Darkroom. It’s incredible how much good stuff they manage to cram into a relatively small space. There is always a clear theme of colour popping details against dark backdrop, hence the Darkroom I suppose.




Among things that cought my eye were the decorative plates you can see on the wall on the photo above, some art prints with great colour combinations and patterns and I also loved the look of these pots that come in three different sizes and two patterns, useful for organising pens and other small objects that always get accumulated in little piles of clutter around the house.

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They also have a selection of interesting fashion accessories: bags and jewellery.

Then I discovered some shops that I haven’t visited before.

Ben Pentreath is located just off Lamb’s Conduit st. in Rugby st. and stocks a carefully chosen range of new products and and an ever-changing variety of antiques, second-hand books and unusual presents. I was immediately attracted to antique looking green glass bottles and Homlegaard style vases.


spanishbottles IMG_7460


Along the street from the Darkroom there is The French House. I didn’t go in this time but from what I could see through the window  the shop looked absolutely stunning! Sorry, the photo I took does not do it justice, will definitely have a closer look and a better photo next time.

Across the road there is Wren, another beautiful looking shop selling a selection of new and vintage home and garden ware.



One of my favourite clothes shops Folk, a London based contemporary casualwear label, is also located in this street.



I should make sure to come back again soon and have a proper long browse and maybe discover more. Will try and do it soon, so there will be another post coming!



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